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Introduction II. Version History III. Officer Information IV. Officer Skills V. City Information VI.

Character Types VII. Life as an Officer IX. Life as a Prefect X. Life as a Warlord XI. Life as a Liege XII. Items XV.

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Sites XVI. Observations of a Ronin XIV.

Endings XX. Secret Characters XXI. Special Events XXV.

Acknowledgements I. Introduction "Domains under heaven, after a long period of division, tends to unite; after a long period of union, tends to divide.


Gils game is much more pleasing to the eyes and ears, and features many improvements and new features overall.

However, like all ROTTK games from Koei, this game is still quite complex and can overwhelm most people with the plethora of options available to you.

Unfortunately, the instruction manual is just that. It tells you about the commands you can use in the game, but is rather incomplete in how to actually play the game.

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On the other hand, due to the open nature of the game it can be said that there isn't really any particular way to play the game. You can choose jn just stand to the side and watch history pass you by. Or you can take matters into your own hand and personally conquer China yourself. It's all up to you. This FAQ will hopefully Girls sex with horse in Jiange some light on some aspects of the game that aren't covered in the manual, or vaguely touched on by the in game help files.

Version History "And he bade them make a note on the overlap of their robes so that they should remember. Minor updates to various sections. Version 1.

Girls sex with horse in Jiange

Added more tips to the "Life as a Liege" section. Added ratings for the Tactics se Ploys. Added more tips and corrections Girls sex with horse in Jiange various sections. Finished all ten scenarios.

Added a whole lot of information in the City Information section. Redid the Endings section. Adjusted Dynasty Warriors section to take into consideration Item adjustments Girle abilities. Version 0.

Major update to Officer Skills and Character Types sections. Minor updates and corrections Women for sex in Mount desert Maine various sections.

Reformatted some sections. Updated and Girls sex with horse in Jiange all sections. Updated Poetry section. Fixed some information in the Dynasty Warriors section. Revising Scenarios section. Added revisions and corrections to all other sections. Restarting the Scenarios section. Jiante Sites, Scenario, and Endings sections. Added quotes from the novel to each section. Created a FAQ section.

Revisions of everything else. Started on the scenario Giirls. Updated items, sites, poetry, and various sections. Officer Information "In peace you are an able subject; in chaos you are a crafty hero! Indicates the current status of the character.

This also determines the commands available to that character as well as the amount of AP they receive each turn. Indicates the current loyalty of the officer to his or her Liege. Ronin and Lieges do not have this. Officers with low loyalty may Girls sex with horse in Jiange to inn to other Lieges or participate in revolutions or coup attempts.

Ranges from 0 no loyalty to absolute loyalty. This value is not shown in advanced difficulty.

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The Girls sex with horse in Jiange of money the Officer receives. Officers are paid this amount every January, April, July, and October. If a Liege cannot pay his officers their loyalty will decrease.

Wages are increased when Class is increased, from winning poetry contests or tournaments, or as a reward from a Liege. The maximum Wage for an Officer is Twink looking for bottom do not have wages. The measure of an officer's service with their Liege.

High amount of Deeds leads to an increase of Class with that Liege. Deeds only apply to the current Liege the Officer is serving. The measure of the officer's fame throughout the land.

A high level of Fame increases the chance of Lieges hiring you. It also determines the Rank assigned to an Officer by his Liege.

Indicates the current Title of the Liege. The Liege's Title determines witj ranks that Liege can bestow upon his Officers. Indicates an officer's status within society. A higher Class allows for an increase Sucking at Esterel now the maximum number of Troops and minimum Wage for the Officer. Girls sex with horse in Jiange increase in Class by accumulating Deeds.

Indicates an officer's position within the country. Higher Rank increases effectiveness in battle by increasing Tactic Points.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms VII - Walkthrough/FAQ

Ranks apply only to the current Liege the Officer is serving. Indicates the level of trust and friendship between this officer and yourself. Ranges from 0 officer doesn't know you to officer trusts you completely. War ability.

Girls sex with horse in Jiange

Determines effectiveness in combat. Officers with high WAR deal and receive less damage in battle both on the field and in duels. They are also skilled in fortifying city defenses. Determines effectiveness in using Ploys.

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Officers with high INT can use Ploys and Tactics more effectively, and have a higher resistance to enemy Ploys and Tactics used against them.

They are also skilled in increasing the technology level of cities. Determines effectiveness in domestics.

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Determines effectiveness in dealing with others. Officers with high CHA can conscript a high number of Troops and uorse good at diplomatic functions. Influence points. Required by a Warlord in order to influence others. IP is also used to influence decisions made by their Liege. IP is regained by accumulating more Deeds.

Current age of the officer. When an Officer reaches a certain age there is a chance that they will die.