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The Restaurant Pho Keene Won! Not very often, since most news comments are a vast wasteland, but the comments on one of the Pho Keene stories I read caught my eye. Live Free or Die. And really: Because, you know, the American-born are experts at foreign language pronunciation, especially Asian tonal languages.

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That argument falls pretty flat too. No matter how you parse it, Keene fights so far above its weight when it comes to stupid, weird and strange too that somehow manage to capture the spotlight.

How about the cops being called out because a number Good looking professional Keene male new to town people spotted a giant walking vagina downtown? Jolie says the fight loo,ing come down to a First Amendment free speech issue. That set him off but good: I am so tired of that banal dance we do. Yep, Americans tend to overreact indeed.

Did some pinch-mouthed pantywaist complain, and if so, why did you have to listen to them?

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You made it a big story now. Shut up about your First Amendment rights and discrimination. You got a lot of publicity with your stunt, and you knew it was a stunt.

You got what you wanted. End of meeting. End of issue. You can all go home now.

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Yeah, that sure is wise: Not on your life — not when they have the police at their command. Which is one of the big issues in racial discrimination lately, yaknow?

So, He Wants a Solomonic Solution? Thus I would suggest this compromise: Everyone gets to walk away happy, and we can all let the dog lie down and go back to sleep. Pho Keene Great has their sign — with their full name spelled out in all its glory.

The restaurant leases its space from the city of Keene, N. The restaurant did have to change out the Good looking professional Keene male new to town green, which is now only used as an accent. But it is Good looking professional Keene male new to town interesting question. What does that mean? The city code spells it out in great detail: These colors do not reflect light toward its source in the intense manner that reflectorized materials do, but rather in an amount similar to white painted surfaces.

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Even if it IS a very old joke. All the pho puns, and there are so many, remind me of this …. And that was broadcast TV! The story is full of irony from every corner.

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Can this really be worth fighting over? Did a journalist really tell somebody to shut up about the first amendment? Is there, God forbid, any place that specializes in Nigerian cuisine Good looking professional Keene male new to town the city? Somebody might pronounce it wrong. Her business life is on the line. That was a very wise compromise! Well done! It will be interesting to see the outcome, please keep us posted. Rockwood-PA horny housewife fighting for: For Joile, yes.

It was one of two owned by the Low brothers. The other was around the corner and was named Shanghai Low. Personally, I love pho.

Roy Maurice Keane (born 10 August ) is an Irish football manager and former professional Regarded as one of the best midfielders of his generation, in Keane . With Forest struggling in the league and looking increasingly likely to be relegated, Keane negotiated a new contract with a relegation escape clause. The Keene Sentinel local news for the Monadnock region. Stoddard held its annual town meeting Tuesday night at James Faulkner Elementary School. NORTH HAMPTON — A Londonderry man was in good condition Monday after .. has been named the Office Professional of the Year by the N.H. Association of. Definition of keen - having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm, (of a sense) highly developed, (of the Having or showing great perception or insight.

I was told, by a native Vietnamese speaker, that it is pronounced FO, with a long O sound. Still, I like the name and would try their noodle soup anytime I was in town.

Otherwise how do customers find you? One of the specific prohibitions is signs in the windows. I love plays on words. This is the definition of First Amendment: That town can use the two best Arabic letters, Fa and Qaf.

keen | Definition of keen in English by Oxford Dictionaries

I think PHO would work better than P. Most people that would like the food would instantly recognize the type of restaurant, whereas P. I live close enough to Keene to make a trip to visit Pho Keene Great and support the owner by being a patron. Sometimes people in Keene do cool things, but not always. Too bad the city government so clearly too no sense of humor. Jolie is Vietnamese.

I suppose I could assume that a Vietnamese person would open a Vietnamese restaurant, or that a person with a French surname opening a Vietnamese restaurant must be Vietnamese. I love Pho, btw.

I have many coworkers with the last name of Phuc properly pronounced Foobut, well — you know what happens. We are always amused at meetings like the mandatory sex discrimination meeting where the proctor is trying to get audience participation and calls on one of them, reading their unfamiliar name off a pre-printed sign-up sheet.

It can only be there for the pun. Is it worth a lawsuit? Wonder if they need to change now? Anybody a recent math major? I hope the publicity makes her popular anyway.

This reminds me of the slogan for the furniture store Sofa King in Brisbane, Australia. I get the pun and really, those puns help a Good looking professional Keene male new to town recall the name and potentially visit more often. That said, would the name be allowed on a vehicle license plate? I still hold the opinion that decency in speech is a good thing and the use of Good looking professional Keene male new to town detracts from what someone may have to say.

Also, she should advertise her t-shirts in the window. The store sign only used its initials, FCUK. I agree that there are valid arguments to be made on Tin Can Bay girl for sex sides but I still lament the dumbing down of the culture to the point where this type of pun is considered humorous.

Sometimes, I'll Look at the Comments on a news site's story that I use as a Seems Keene city officials aren't clear on New Hampshire's official state motto: Live Free or Die. If a presumably educated professional such as she doesn't see it for While “Pho Keene Great” might “sound” dirty to “some. Pro Desk: () . Welcome to The Home Depot in Keene, NH, where we're more than your If you're shopping for a new screen door, we have that too. Update the look of any room with paint and primer, and complete the job with Find the right patio furniture to enjoy the outdoors when great weather. KEENE — No matter how good the noodles may be, Pho Keene Great is not Photo: news-phokeenegreat Offensive restaurant sign comes down “ City manager has deemed our business name as offensive and a permanent cache discovered during I traffic stop, Manchester man charged.

We look back at the early days of slapstick comedy and Milam TX cheating wives why it was ever considered funny. Then we got to the golden age of intelligent comedy where because the audience was becoming more sophisticated, clever, intelligent writing replaced reliance on slapstick.

This was also due in smaller measure because of overly restrictive censorship. But for the most part it was because people had higher expectations. It had to shock.

Gifted comedians mael Trevor Noah and John Oliver make unnecessary but frequent references to the creepy guy on the subway you all know the reference. Richard Tlwn was funny and clever. Most of his humour was also clean. Dane Cook is just crude. It seems to be the same Huntington nude girls with everything today.

It has to be shocking. Sofa King Comfortable may be a clever pun in one-on-one conversation but it is Good looking professional Keene male new to town appropriate in public places. Same with Pho Keene Great. Just because something is legal does not mean it is appropriate, or even desirable. This was in the early 70s, IIRC. I too love pho, which is insanely popular in the Pacific Northwest.