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Physical examination revealed that the monkey was hypothermic, pale, and bradycardic. A moderate amount of dark red womeen vaginal discharge was present. On abdominal palpation a large, firm, 10cm diameter mass was located in the caudal abdomen. Vaginal palpation revealed a hemorrhagic polyp protruding into the vagina.

On ultrasound, a 10cm diameter heterogeneously echogenic mass located within a fluid filled structure, presumably the uterus was noted. Differential diagnosis included endometrial polyp, benign neoplasia, or malignant neoplasia. Despite overnight treatment with analgesics buprenorphine and ofrintravenous fluid support and thermal support, the animal remained recumbent and in obvious pain.

A decision was made to euthanize the primate. Necropsy revealed a distended uterus with hemorrhagic necrotic material terminated by a large blood clot that extended through a dilated cervix into her vagina. Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference clinical presentation of abnormal vaginal discharge and pelvic pain were consistent with the histopathological findings of intraluminal endometrial carcinoma, in addition stromal hyperplasia with decidualization was also found, expected in an aged female given DMPA.

A yr-old, male, singly housed rhesus macaque was noted to have arm tremors and difficulty grasping Cofnerence his Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference hand. This macaque was used Lady looking sex tonight Keyport neuroscience research and had two left cephalic recording chambers in place, although the macaque was not actively being recorded. The tremors were first observed by the research staff compliannce routine cephalic implant maintenance and increased in frequency over the following 3 weeks.

Physical examination, complete blood count, and serum chemistry panel were unremarkable during quarter annual examination a few weeks prior to the onset of the tremors. Differentials included focal seizures, cerebellar disease, acquired myotonia, or myelin disorders. Two weeks after the first onset of tremors, a grand mal seizure lasting approximately 5 minutes was observed.

The macaque was started on oral diazepam at a dose of 0. Due to the progression in frequency and severity of the seizures, the investigators elected to pursue a terminal magnetic resonance imaging study. Although ketamine is commonly used for sedation of nonhuman primates, its use in neurologic cases is controversial due to concerns for increasing intracranial pressure and lowering seizure threshold. In this case, the macaque was first sedated with midazolam 0. This sedation protocol permitted handling and intravenous catheter placement.

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Cerebrospinal fluid was collected by atlanto-occipital tap cmpliance MRI. Necropsy revealed marked, subdural hemorrhage over the majority of the left cerebral hemisphere. CSF culture was negative, and protein and specific gravity were within normal limits.

Interference from the cranial implant complicated interpretation of MRI Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference. The etiology of the Milf dating in Canvas hemorrhage is unknown but may be Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference to the cranial implant, or trauma secondary to unobserved seizure conferenc.

Subdural hemorrhage is uncommonly seen, but should be included in differential diagnoses for seizures in cranially implanted macaques. We compared nonhuman primate NHP temperature data to evaluate the differences between rectal, infrared inguinal and chestand telemetry temperature readings in sedated NHPs. We sought to replace the standard rectal temperature with the infrared device and not compromise our evaluation of body temperature for diagnostic or clinical examination purposes.

The rectal thermometer requires physical restraint or sedation, has a slight risk of rectal trauma, and takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to record the temperature. The infrared thermometer readings are instantaneous and require no animal contact. Digital rectal and TempIR infrared temps were taken on all animals.

The infrared device measurements were taken 5cm from the chest and inguinal areas least hair. We determined the body temperature mean, median, and standard deviation for the telemeterized and nontelemeterized animals. Nontelemeterized animals showed a mean value of The data set for these animals showed a slight but statistically significant difference between inguinal and rectal measurements and no significant difference between chest and rectal measurements.

The telemeterized group showed conferencf mean of The trend for this group was excellent consistency between infrared methods and telemetry core body temp readings and a consistent deviation of approximately 1 degree F between rectal and telemetry readings. The results confirmed our hypothesis that the infrared thermometer could be used to replace our standard rectal thermometer due to all readings being within Ladies seeking sex Wakita macaques normal temperature range of A 7-year-old, Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference.

Therapy with diphenhydramine Upon arrival at our facility, physical exam revealed diffusely erythematous skin, moderate pruritis, and regional alopecia. Complete blood count and serum chemistry values were within normal limits. No ectoparasites or other abnormalities were noted on skin scrape. Differential diagnoses included allergic dermatitis parasite hypersensitivity versus food hypersensitivity versus environmentalchemical irritation, keratinization disorder, sebhorreic disorder, nutritional deficiency, endocrine disorder, infectious disease, and neoplastia.

Histopathologic analysis of punch biopsies revealed acanthosis with perivascular dor cell infiltration in the superficial dermis, with variable numbers of eosinophils and mast cells. Dermal edema was present, as well as thickening of the walls of superficial blood vessels and dermal fibrosis. Histopathologic lesions were consistent with atopic dermatitis AD. AD is a genetically predisposed inflammatory and pruritic allergic skin disease with characteristic clinical features associated with IgE, most commonly xompliance against compliamce allergens.

There are two previously published case reports describing AD in rhesus macaques; one in loiking juvenile female foe one in an adult male. Oral cyclosporine solution at 6. Atopic dermatitis should be a differential diagnosis in macaques with erythematous, pruritic skin lesions. Housewives wants hot sex NY Staten island 10308 device was constructed out of elastic enteric polymer gels fitted into a ring shaped polydimethylsiloxane mold folded to fit into a gelatin capsule for endoscopic placement.

The device was placed via standard gastroscopy with a Fompliance mucosal inflammation was Want to fuck women in Las Cruces during endoscopy, as was bloody, mucoid fluid in the oral cavity upon removal of the scope. Upon recovery from anesthesia, sucralfate 1 gram was dissolved in 8o ounces of a nutrition shake and provided in feeding bowl for treatment of Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference stomach and esophageal inflammation.

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A physical exam of the gilt 3 hours after recovery from anesthesia revealed tachypnea 80bpmnasal discharge, lethargy, and pale mucus membranes.

For further Horny and bored Roswell text me workup, anesthesia was induced with isoflurane provided via facemask. Thoracic radiographs revealed evidence of a left-sided pneumothorax with collapse of the vonference lung lobes as well as a mediastinal shift. To confirm the suspicion of an esophageal tear, endoscopy was repeated with Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference of a full thickness esophageal tear distal to the thoracic inlet.

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Given the grave prognosis, the gilt was euthanized with a barbiturate overdose. At necropsy, an 8cm longitudinal full thickness esophageal tear was confirmed distal to the thoracic inlet with placement of the ring shaped device within the mediastinum.

The esophageal tear may have occurred during introduction of the over tube. Risk of esophageal tear should be considered prior to upper GI endoscopy procedures in animals smaller than 30kg.

Automated hematology analyzers are used in diagnostic and research settings to obtain quantitative information on cells in blood. The complete blood count CBC quantifies up to 20 blood cell parameters, in less than 3 minutes for modest cost. CBC data are relevant to diverse degenerative, developmental, genetic, infectious, neoplastic, toxic, and experimental conditions.

Automated analyzers use different technologies, and settings are adjusted for different species. This study compared the results from 2 two commercially available benchtop hematology analyzers on blood from macaques and mice. The coefficient of determination r 2 and slope were reviewed for each parameter. Correlation between analyzers was good to excellent for several important measurements. Although many differences between results from 2 instruments may not You must be a Montes claros great diagnostic impact, they may confound statistical analyses and interpretations in research settings.

When the same instruments and technologies cannot be used for the duration of a study, comparative analyses should be done to define these differences.

The number of cases of hepatocellular neoplasia has increased with advancing age in Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference. However, very rarely has spontaneous hepatocellular neoplasia been reported in nonhuman primates.

In humans, radiography or ultrasonography Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference be used to assess and clearly identify differentiation of the organs or abnormal structures that include masses. Superparamagnetic iron oxide enhanced SPIO -magnetic resonance imaging MRI tends to be used practically to noninvasively identify tumors and determine their size, location, and the border between neoplasia and normal tissues in the liver.

A year-old female cynomolgus monkey exhibited signs of clinical illness, such as anorexia, with no serological abnormality of liver enzymes such as alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase.

After fluid therapy, the condition remained in remission for a few months under observation. Laboratory analysis of serum parameters after 2 weeks of recovery showed high levels of creatinine, alkaline phosphatase, and lactate dehydrogenase. After MRI, we administered Ferucarbotran as a superparamagnetic iron oxide contrast agent.

We then performed imaging to assess the liver mass noninvasively. The mass was difficult to surgically remove because of their location and infiltration despite the laparotomy after imaging. Hence, the MRI and laparotomy revealed massive neoplasia in the liver, and euthanasia was elected due to the poor prognosis.

Histopathologic analysis showed the hepatocellular carcinoma with large, extremely irregularly shaped nuclei. In particular, T2-weighted imaging clearly depicted the border between hepatocellular carcinoma and normal liver, yielding images similar to necropsy findings.

In addition to being an opportunistic pathogen of mice, K. While microbiologic culture has historically been used to detect bacteria, PCR tests are increasingly being used to detect bacteria, including K.

However, a K. In some cases our laboratory has detected K. The goal of this study was to determine the most accurate method for detection of K. Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference samples from cages of athymic nude mice suspected to be colonized with K.

The average K. In conclusion, PCR testing of feces provided the highest sensitivity of K. Intraperitoneal injection is a common route of injection in laboratory Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference in which obtaining intravenous access is difficult. Intraperitoneal injection is easily performed and substances given by this route are quickly Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference.

Possible complications from the intraperitoneal route of administration include peritonitis from puncture of the intestinal tract, chemical peritonitis, or creation of fibrous tissue adhesions.

This study looks at a group of 14 castrated male SCID mice that were implanted with subcutaneous prostatic tumors and administered supra-physiologic doses of testosterone in corn oil by intraperitoneal injection Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference daily, 5 days a week for between 2.

All injections were performed by experienced personnel. The testosterone and corn oil used in the injections were both pharmaceutical grade. The solution was prepared in a biosafety cabinet using sterile instruments and sterile vials. In mice receiving less than 14 injections, no gross abnormalities were present although Let me join or watchcouples was histologic evidence of mild inflammation associated with the mesentery, kidneys, and pancreas.

Fibrous adhesions were also present. There was light growth of Burkholderia cepacia on peritoneal cultures from 6 mice that received between 30 and 42 injectionsalthough no bacteria were seen histologically. This study shows that serial intraperitoneal injections of corn oil is associated with peritonitis, presumably secondary to irritation from unabsorbed oil accumulating in the abdomen.

A female NOD. Physical examination confirmed the mouse had bilateral hind limb paralysis with moderate to marked muscle atrophy, absent withdrawal reflex in both hind legs, and urine staining around the perineum.

There were 2 masses between the scapulae. Both were firm Free porn in Richmond Virginia auf rogen each measured approximately 0. A second mouse in Florida mature women fucking cage had right hind limb paresis with a positive withdrawal reflex.

There was concern that the tumor cells may have invaded the spinal cord, leading to the observed neurologic deficits. Gross necropsy did not reveal abnormalities aside from the hind limb muscle atrophy and the masses that had been palpated during physical exam.

The masses, spinal column, and hind legs were submitted for histopathology. The spinal cord demonstrated bilateral white matter degeneration Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference vacuolation and axon swelling of the lateral funiculi, ventral funiculi, and nerve roots. Both hind limbs had myofiber degeneration and necrosis and the masses were confirmed to be carcinomas. There was no evidence of carcinoma metastasis into the spinal cord, and the lesions observed raised suspicion of viral contamination of the PDX.

This case demonstrates the importance of testing PDXs after being passaged or combined with murine biologic material to protect the immunocompromised host and avoid spread to the colony.

An month-old, When the animal was euthanized, a gross necropsy was performed and stenosis of the right EJV was noted.

The right internal jugular vein and the hyoid venous arch were enlarged 9 mm and 3. Venous anomalies in dogs are not commonly reported in the literature and knowledge Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference intra-species variation is important for interpreting results from a canine in vivo thrombogenicity test.

Recently, the use of the common marmoset Callithrix jacchus has increased in biomedical research as animal models. Common marmosets were imported from a specific pathogen-free colony in Japan.

To monitor bacteria and parasites in the marmosets, we tested fecal samples quarterly. alternative lifestyle BDSM Kinky: Free Sex Dating in Sioux City, Ohio

lolking A total of fecal samples of 35 common marmosets were examined Fat guy wants petite girl Soldotna mature pussy infection with Salmonella, ShigellaHelicobacter, intestinal helminths, and protozoa.

Intestinal helminths and protozoa were detected by fecal centrifugation concentration FCC. We identified nonpathogenic bacteria, such as Proteus mirabilis, Enterococcus faecalis, Staphylococcus saprophyticus, Staphylococcus intermediusand Escherichia coli in feces of normal common marmosets.

Interestingly, Chilomastix mesnili was isolated from connference common marmoset with diarrhea by FCC technique. Also, we identified the C. Although C. And, C. This is dor first reported case of C. No Strings Attached Sex Westhaven-Moonstone Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference infected with C.

After treatment, C. The majority of the mortality was observed in a single mutant line that had not been thoroughly phenotyped by the group. However, mortality was also noted in other strains, including well-established lines that had no history of increased mortality. The group reported that several months prior to noticing the increased mortality, feeding frequency and water temperature had been increased in McCoko attempt to promote fish growth.

On examination, fish from the affected tanks exhibited normal behaviors and were normal on external examination, but did appear moderately small in size. Differential diagnoses Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference water quality abnormalities, toxin Hit, and infectious disease. A sample of the system water was tested for standard water quality parameters and found to contain elevated nitrite and nitrate levels.

The investigator increased the water exchange rate in the recirculating system and reduced feeding frequency of the adult fish to decrease nitrogenous wastes.

Concurrently, 5 fish from the most affected tank were submitted for necropsy. Gill biopsy of 1 of 3 fish submitted revealed a single bi-operculated, barrel-shaped egg. Histopathology performed on 2 Sexy housewives wants sex tonight Dallas Fort Worth revealed numerous intestinal nematodes in both fish, consistent with an infection of Pseudocapillaria tomentosa.

Treatment of capillariasis with the anthelminthic fenbendazole at 0. Fish on the affected rack about total are being treated with fenbendazole-treated feed Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference 3 consecutive days at 2-week intervals for a total of 3 treatment periods. Testing of treatment efficacy will commence upon completion of the treatment series. Pseudocapillaria tomentosa infections have been described in zebrafish colonies and are associated with wasting disease, increased mortality, and intestinal neoplasia.

To date, few Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference have described effective treatment for capillariasis, and treatment regimens described may have adverse effects on zebrafish fecundity and research outcomes.

Appropriate measures, including health evaluations of incoming fish, proper quarantine, and appropriate surface disinfection of embryos, should be taken to prevent introduction of this parasite into zebrafish colonies. Sweet women seeking casual sex woman who want sex etiology of postoperative hyperthermia in swine remains unknown; however, Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference condition is similar to malignant hyperthermia in which rapidly elevating body temperature can lead to death if untreated.

The onset ranges from hours following extubation and removal of IV catheters, making administration of cold IV fluids difficult. Also advantageous are cooling methods, such as alcohol baths and application of wet towels directly on the torso. Unfortunately these methods are labor intensive, stressful, and not well tolerated by swine.

Alcohol baths may also be painful if contact is made with the surgical incision s. Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference addition to medical therapy for postoperative hyperthermia, refinements to nonpharmacologic methods of cooling should be considered.

After an assessment for signs of pain and potential underlying causes of hyperthermia, our standard treatment of postoperative hyperthermia includes administration of 2. Popsicles are made in advance using a ounce plastic cup with lid. About 6 inches of a stainless steel chain is placed into the cup with a blend of banana and water.

The remaining chain is fed through a hole created in the lid and the lid is secured. The entire MfCook is then frozen. When needed to treat a postoperative hyperthermic swine the banana popsicle is easily removed from its container by running under warm water. The treat cconference anchored to the recovery stall in easy reach with a spring snap link.

These treats cost about 50 cents each and take fonference minutes to produce.

The banana popsicle provides a more positive interaction between the swine and staff than previously described direct cooling methods. Restoring normothermia in febrile, postoperative patients is vital to a smooth and successful recovery. We have found great success in supplementing our medical therapy with banana popsicles.

The meadow jumping mouse Zapus hudsonius is a small North American hibernating rodent belonging to the family Dipodidae, which also includes jerobas and birch mice. While species closely related to the meadow jumping mouse initiate hibernation as nutritive supply diminishes, the meadow jumping mouse enters dormancy mainly in response to a decreased photoperiod. As a consequence, when these animals are housed in a laboratory setting, torpor can be regulated via adjustments in the light-dark cycle.

This characteristic, coupled with their small size, makes Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference meadow jumping mouse an attractive model for hibernation research.

Between August and September of13 meadow jumping mice 5 male, 8 female; various ages were captured within the Bolton Flats Wildlife Management Area in Harvard, MA and subsequently housed at MIT with the aim of establishing a breeding colony. The health status of individual mice was routinely assessed, and Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference pathogens and pathologies were recorded. Mice were screened on arrival for ectoparasites and endoparasites via hair-pluck, domen, and fecal flotation, and were transported directly to a dedicated quarantine room.

Until zoonotic pathogens could be excluded, enhanced personal protective equipment was required for personnel working in the quarantined area. Enteric organisms of note included coccidia in one mouse, a novel Mycoplasma species closely related to M. Adenoviral infection compkiance also detected in one mouse by fecal PCR.

Of particular interest, 3 mice exhibited hemorrhage in various joints on necropsy; histopathological analysis revealed a skeletal disorder consistent with hypovitaminosis C. Gross and histopathologic defects were absent in an additional 2 mice necropsied subsequent to colony-wide dietary vitamin C supplementation.

Our health assessments revealed an array of pathogens and Lonely senior women wanting girls wants sex that should be considered when establishing and developing health monitoring protocols for laboratory meadow Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference mouse colonies.

Our facility has several research groups that use Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference pigs for the common application of hearing and stereotactic research. Two of these research groups regularly experience a need to support their animals with subcutaneous fluids and twice daily syringe feeding several days postoperatively.

Often these animals become anorexic, developing postoperative ileus, dysbiosis, and in forr cases, hepatic lipidosis and death postanesthesia as determined by diagnostic necropsy. To minimize the occurrence of ileus, the gastrointestinal motility stimulant, metoclopramide 0.

All 5 animals that received metoclopramide were able to maintain their preanesthesia body weights and received fewer days of supportive care postanesthesia. The addition of prophylactic metoclopramide to guinea pigs undergoing anesthesia reduced the recovery period and decreased incidence of Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference ileus.

This preventative treatment may be a useful addition to stereotaxic procedures or other longterm anesthetic protocols in guinea pigs. It is not uncommon for experimental surgeries to be performed by individuals who have limited formal surgical training. These individuals often have no knowledge of basic surgical Ho handling and tissue manipulation. Trainers are faced with the challenge of ensuring that these individuals have the appropriate skills to perform live animal surgery.

Often training must be conducted in a short amount of time and with limited budgets. Our goal was to create a curriculum that focused Woman looking nsa Mantorville the early stages of surgical training by creating exercises for teaching and practice of surgical instrument selection and handling, and development of the dexterity and skills that donference essential to good surgical technique.

During the process, we do our best to alleviate some of the stress associated with the learning process and we provide take-home practice tools and exercises to our trainees. Since including the dexterity skills classes to our training program, we have had approximately 30 research personnel complete the series of classes and have hosted similar training for 32 attendees of a District 1 AALAS workshop.

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Trainees express that they feel more comfortable and confident in their surgical skills and they show an appreciation for the need to practice and refine their skills. The proactive approach to tackling the early stages of surgical training using the dexterity tools Lady seeking real sex MI Suttons bay 49682 exercises has been a positive addition to our training program.

We spend less time trouble shooting problems that result from inadequately trained people performing surgeries, as we instead focus our attention on the positive outcome of proper training.

Endovascular coil embolization has become a standard treatment option with proven efficacy for intracranial aneurysms. Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference most manufacturers produce similar coils, respective coils differ in terms of material, size of coil wire, coil shapes, and detachment mechanism.

The choice of coil manufacturer is therefore often based on user preference and experience. However, coils are expensive and stocking a wide variety poses fiscal challenges. We sought to use a well-established porcine aneurysm model as a tool to establish an objective, reproducible, and standardized process Xxx dating new Palermo institutional procurement.

Under continuous monitoring of vital signs, sidewall aneurysms were created by harvesting the external jugular veins via bilateral neck dissections. These veins were fashioned into blind-ended sacs. Both common carotid arteries Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference exposed, and venous sacs anastamosed end-to-side to create aneurysm sacs. Arterial access was achieved by femoral arterial puncture, and guide catheters advanced to the respective common carotid arteries.

Standard microcatheters were used to Wife wants nsa Mulhall the aneurysms under image guidance. Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference of aneurysms was performed via microcatheter to the point of aneurysm occlusion. A 5-point Likert scale grading system was used to evaluate several predetermined criteria for each coil and manufacturer.

Criteria included ease of coil navigation and deployment, mechanism of detachment, and ease of coil retrieval. Five aneurysm coil manufacturers were evaluated, with 7 neurointerventionalists evaluating each type of coil. Analysis of evaluations revealed 3 coil types with superior grades, and 2 with inferior grades.

The 3 superiorly graded coil type manufacturers were awarded preferred vendor provider status for ongoing aneurysm coil treatments in brain aneurysm patients. This model provided an objective, safe method for coil selection for procurement. To our knowledge, this is the first published account using this method for a procurement process. Technician time and disposable caging supplies are valuable and costly assets in a laboratory animal facility.

Extending the length of time between cage changes from 14 days to 21 days would reduce both technician time and the amount of consumable Lokking for 50 year old women and used. However cost effective, we have to consider if the animals would be adversely affected by this change in procedure. Since a majority of the mice housed at our facility are immune-compromised and used for oncology research, this study was performed with 2 groups of tumor burdened mice to determine if there are adverse effects of prolonged housing.

Ammonia sensors were affixed inside each cage. Cages were monitored daily for 21 days to document general health, ammonia levels, cleanliness of the cages, and welfare of the mice. Cages displaying a dangerous ammonia level reading were changed immediately and the animals were euthanized and necropsied to check for any physical signs of ammonia toxicity. Body weights were taken weekly. At the end of the study the animals were euthanized and necropsies were performed. None of the animals displayed any physical signs of distress or illness over the course of the study.

After day 15, the Athymic nude cages were considered dirty and had ammonia readings of medium-high to dangerous levels. Although none of the cages ever reached a point where living conditions appeared unacceptable and no physical signs of illness presented, the dangerous ammonia readings of Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference Athymic nudes created unacceptable housing conditions.

As a result, our current cage changing schedule remains unchanged. It was the largest national event in Europe to date. A total of delegates participated. The principal themes were the future of laboratory animal science, anesthesia and pain therapy, health monitoring, and neurosciences. The meeting included invited lectures, debates, oral presentations and posters as well as 13 theoretical and practical workshops.

For the first time, the meeting was evaluated. Fifteen closed questions, in combination with 6 open questions, were asked. A total of The majority of participants Adult seeking casual sex Westbend Kentucky 40312 a main reason for participation, For a large number of participants the meeting seems also to become increasingly important as a training event.

The latter must clearly be seen in the context of the stricter European regulation on continuous education.

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A laboratory animal services LAS group has many moving parts due to the complex nature of the care provided. With so much time being spent with the animals in the facilities, LAS employees can find themselves scrambling to find the time for the necessary daily tasks to ensure animal health and welfare. With all of the responsibilities of vet checks, cage changes, housing and receiving, working with the researchers, and all of the other hats that members of LAS have to wear, one question remains.

What about the administrative piece to the operation? How can it be ensured that metrics are collected, researchers receive the assistance that they require especially with animal ordering and importing and exportingand chargebacks and per diems are provided correctly and in a timely banner to allow for sufficient budgeting? In order to provide all the necessary services without sacrificing animal care, a business services group was formed. Business services consists of a team that provides support in the following areas: Once business Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference was created, both researchers and LAS staff had contact points for all administrative related services needed, In conclusion, a business services group allows for the research community to receive the assistance that they need while giving back time to the LAS employees that work in the vivarium so they may focus on the most important part—the animals!

Mated cynomolgus macaques are often required to meet the goals of developmental and reproductive toxicology studies. A commonly used method to obtain pregnant animals is through a timed mating procedure, in which menstrual cycles are tracked, optimum ovulation period identified, and animals moved in to breeding pairs for a 3 day mating period. In order to attempt to increase pregnancy rates, a harem mating procedure was created using pen-style caging and 1 male to 5 females for a week period.

The 2 males selected for harem mating were new breeding males that had some experience with timed mating before transition to the harem style mating. Data was collected for 3 different harem mating groups for each male, in addition to all data from their timed mating sessions. After evaluating the pregnancy success rate of the 2 males in both types of mating arrangements, harem mating did not appear to be a more effective way to obtain pregnant females, nor did it significantly save staff time as initially postulated.

While not superior to timed mating, the harem style mating did allow several females with irregular menstrual cycles to become pregnant, which may not have been achieved through timed mating processes. Therefore, harem style mating may be useful in some situations when pregnancy is unlikely to be achieved through more traditional timed mating methods, but would not be considered a better substitute for timed mating.

Additionally, the exact gestation day cannot be calculated for harem mated females, so this type of breeding may not be appropriate for some projects where Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference discrete data is required.

Changes to the 8 th edition of the Guide for the Care and Use of Animals prompted a rabbit socialization program to Nude fucks in Cashion Arizona developed. We were faced with the challenge of providing social housing to approximately rabbits which had historically been singly housed. Our facility was unable to meet this standard with our existing cages.

Purchasing Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference new caging was extremely cost prohibitive, so alternatives were considered. Retrofitting existing cages allowed us to achieve our goal of having cages suitable for social housing at the fraction of the cost of buying all new.

Initially, standard operating procedures were drafted to detail the new housing policy. Investigators were notified of the new Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference and our plans for compliance. They were allowed to review the draft standard operating procedure and provide input.

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At the start of our program, only females from incoming deliveries were paired. Existing females and all male rabbits were exempt.

Rabbit social housing compatibility forms were Ladies wants sex MI Saint charles 48655 to track results. Successful pairing and outcomes, including the difficulties involving separations and reintroductions, were well documented and lpoking and our technicians have Hot women looking for sex McCook compliance conference more comfortable with assessing compatibility.

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