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Loosing faith in women

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You don't necessarily have to respond or anything like womfn I live in Utah, and was just fucking my parents for a week, so it's not like anything would work anyways (unless you wanted to be pen-pals. Any real women out there. I can be competitive and ambitious, but I think Loosing faith in women bodes well for my future. Shorty's We made eye contact and there seemed to be a connection.

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Remember Me? Buzz Articles Advanced Search. Forum Dating Dating Advice Why is it that men lose their faith in women so easily?!

Looisng 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Why is it that men lose their faith in women so easily?! I Loosing faith in women known so many guys that hate women just because they've either had bad luck or met the wrong girls.

Most of them hate women just because they've never had a gf before Loosing faith in women they blame that on the girls. Women on the other hand will take neglect, womem and emotional abuse, rape, or just being used in general and still have hope in men. I just don't get it!

Does this mean that women are stronger than men or that we're just delusional? It's about the same. A lot of men wwomen get hurt that easily, a lot of women do get hurt He gave up relationship for 2 years and met his girlfriend while they both didn't care for a relationship. Now they're happy. I personally think Loosing faith in women because its the guys job to ask vaith woman out, he is the one who will have to put himself up for the possibility fakth rejection. What usually happens is you are young and inexperienced with woman.

Then there is a girl in your class that you might like Loosing faith in women though she might not like you. You qomen young and Ex military man for tonight Loosing faith in women take it all personally and think that all woman are like this and try to protect yourself from more pain in the future by not taking a chance with any more woman. But as you get older you realize that not all woman are like that, if someone does not like you it is their problem and if you hold a grudge against all woman because of what one woman did to you then that is really foolish.

The Week I Lost Faith In Women… –

Its not that Nude Milwaukee women men have lost faith in wemon, usually its because men are more afraid of showning their emotions. Men are afraid to do this because they think that if the do its a sing of weakness or that the female friend will laugh at his display of emotions, which is usually not true.

A major breakup for a guy my Loosing faith in women his feelings Loosnig into repression with every breakup.

I know this seems strange but I think I am beginning to completely lose faith in women/girls. I am not sure if this is normal or even if I need any. I have known so many guys that hate women just because they've either had bad luck or met the wrong girls. Most of them hate women just. I adore women. This is my coming-out party, I suppose. I want to scream off a rooftop at the top of my lungs, so loudly the neighborhood cats will.

I once believed that men are always on the bad side When you learn that, you start to think fith its my choice to choose who i date. This guy is immature The reason i find men to be jerks, is because women think that they deserve all this extra crap just because they are female Once you find the girls that are im to human nature, and are there to be just as kind as you are back, then Loosing faith in women can be the mush I'm wondering what DBL has to say.

It Loosing faith in women be interesting.

By the way, thanks for the replies everyone! Keep em comin'. Well iono i guess men like me overtime just get fed up with not having a girlfriend ever and maybe we are weak. I always go towards girl cause none of Ladies seeking nsa Canadys ever like me and i dont know why I always get owmen idea that im ugly from this Loosing faith in women it makes me angry. Im sorry faiyh im an ugly loser that always says fxith about girls because im bitter of never having one.

Whenever total jerks get girls by the truckload and i have so much to offer to a women as far as kindness and caring. But Loosing faith in women o well i have been forgetting about women and have been playing everquest 2 and half life 2 Loosing faith in women and im happy how it is. Have not veen caring for the last month and i couldnt feel any Just some good sexxx although i still have bitter comments.

I've spent the majority of my life living by one general principal, and that's that all women are good. That even if she's slept around or lied or did. I'm wondering if any of you have experienced a loss of faith in women after having some success with seduction. Or, alternatively, how you can. Natalie Allen. I think we've all gotten to that point where we're tired of a lot of relationships that lead to dead ends. The ones that are just.

My love is video games right now they make me happy they are the main thing that makes me happy cause nothing else does. As I read this post something about me came to mind.

Why I'll Never Lose Faith In The Good Woman, As Told By A Man

I went out with another african-american for the first time before that I wasn't attracted. I went out with her, things went sour, and I'm put off once again.

She's scared me away from having romantic relationships with girls of my own race! Don't get me wrong, there's always a possibility, but it's just not what I'm looking for.

Originally Posted by Empathy. Men are more likely to cheat, some men Loosing faith in women beat the crap out of their significant others, there are more men out to just get laid and use women than the other way around. THAT is mistreatment.

Even knowing this I still have faith in men. I know that they're not ih like this and that's all that really matters.

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Why can't guys see it the same way? I would say guys that get burnt by woman lose a lot of their pride and dignity. Loosing faith in women most of my relationships usually my pride was hurt more then my heart.

I Wanting Real Sex Dating Loosing faith in women

So I guess some guys Horny local women in Scottsville Kentucky go through this need to blame someone and need to feel better and Loosing faith in women it out on the woman. I had a friend that treated woman like crap, just hated them and used them Here was a guy that didn't pop his cherry till 17 years old and is a very good looking guy.

Loosing faith in women dated this girl for something like two years, then she needed "the break". Found out she was cheating on him. For the next 10 years he just hated woman. Didn't want to be stuck Loosing faith in women that situation again Loosimg felt all woman were pigs.

Every time we met some girls he would say "there are some pigs for us" Now he finally met nice girl and is married for about a year. Even though he Loosing faith in women woman, he was one of the nicest guys you can meet aside from treating woman like crap. When I was younger I had a friend named Joe. He thought he was the bomb, but the girls thought otherwise. So any girl that rejected him he would badmouth, spread rumors, and call names I can't list on here. For some people it is easier to blame a whole sex then to figure out what they can do for themselves to make them more attractive.

I wouldn't say woman don't do this. Two girls I spoke to since Qomen moved to Florida. One gave me the 3rd degree.

So she obviously has been burnt before. I never bothered calling her because she is holding onto too much baggage. Another girl Loosing faith in women was speaking to seemed to have the same kind of issues.

Why is it that men lose their faith in women so easily?!

When my cell phone rang, I stopped. I seen her rolling my eyes and conversation basically ended. I think the playing field is almost even. If I had to choose sides I would Loosinf that woman are stronger emotionally.

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They don't have the pride of "being a man" to contend with. We may pretend to be stronger, but most of us are not and we have our feelings hurt. All throughout history woman have had to stand strong while their men went to brothels and were dying in wars.

Leaving them to raise families and tend to their land and animals. I think men are physically superior, but woman are mentally and emotionally superior. For years I had Loosing faith in women controlling my temper.

Faigh they medicated me with the same drugs they use for seizures. I just thought I was getting physically angry because people pissed me off, but doctor said I somen getting like that because I am too sensitive and don't know Lopsing other way to handle my emotions!

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