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My best friend Baton rouge

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Moving to Arizona very soon and My best friend Baton rouge in need of a friends care in exchange for mutual help. Lots of toys to Buy. Would anyone like to hangout. Though if you're a spammer like the ones that I have been getting messages from asking me to join a verification then frkend message me.

Name: Maren
Age: 47
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I have plenty of friends, plenty of people who float around in my life for drinks or gossip or dramatic retellings of bad dates. But I only have one mom, and she is decidedly not one to try to be the "cool mom.

My mom is that always involved, always watching southern matriarch who knows all and sees all and softly — or brusquely, if necessary — directs the trajectory of family interactions.

To wit, my mom has my closet memorized. If I wear a new dress, she knows.

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When I spend too much money on a designer purse, she comments. I walk into her house and boom — she knows if I got a new freckle.

Or bought some earrings. She softly comments on cost, she quizzes me about my purchases — she jokes that I, amazingly, always seem to buy things on sale. I literally might start bringing receipts.

I often overlook the sweet thoughtfulness of simply being noticed. I take for granted that my mom pays attention to things. Sometimes I even find the gentle nagging annoying.

That she can sense when something is wrong. That she takes joy in my successes and feels my lows and thinks about every minute in between.

And I hope she always does, because that translates to the bigger things, too. Her attentive eye makes me more attentive about myself.

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Her intuition is, frustratingly, often spot on. She needles me softly about going to Mass. She nags me about things being messy or when I curse.

Keep on being in our business like no one else, because no one else will. Follow her on Twitter, CEStephens.

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Mother and daughter Rainette and Christina Stephens. My mom is not my best friend.

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Not even close. Thank God.

Being noticed by our parents is a privilege. To my mom, in particular, I love you.

And I really did get these shoes on sale. View comments.

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