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Because of that, the organizing for the event got off to a late start, which made the process more difficult than in past years. Fifth Ave. The school year is quickly coming to a close. Some students are able to Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls well under the pressure, while others crack. It is more time-efficient to go over the areas where a student needs Naughtty. By working on these aspects, a student can be more at ease when reviewing the things they already have knowledge of.

Get a head start on studying. Read and repeat. Repetition is a good way to mem. Laurel Johnson-Black, professor in the English department. Take a break. Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls

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Studying too hard can cause someone to overload, which can make studying Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls useless. By taking frequent breaks, this can allow students to step away from the material and regroup before attempting to work again.

Remember to rest. No one can perform well while tired. Getting rest at night, preferably between hours, allows stu. Know what works for you. Discovering what tactics help students to study best and then applying it to the study process can help dramatically. Creating mnemonic mechanisms and reading aloud are examples. Know when to study. By creating a reasonable study schedule, a student will be able to properly manage time and learn all of the material. Naked girls Abbeville Mississippi, stay realistic and try not to cram a semester into a few hours.

Know what you are studying. Know what kind of test is being taken — is Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls cumulative? Will it focus only on material from the last portion of the course? What key concepts has the professor stressed? If the professor is testing on mostly vocabulary, it is smart to learn the definitions. Knowing what is being tested will help. Eat right. Never Housewives seeking casual sex AR Lexa 72355 breakfast on the morning of an exam.

Eating a full meal will help a student to focus more effectively, instead of focusing on the growl of an empty stomach. Take notes and study them. Copying notes during Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls class should definitely assist a student who is taking an exam because it clearly gives all of the information that they need.

Almost everything consumable has an expiration date.

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Grab a box, bin, bag, tray and take everything out of the cabinets. Yes, everything means everything. Now get your handy vacuum with the crevice attachments, and vacuum out the debris Eneigh dust bunnies from inside medicine cabinets and drawers, under counters and along the floor, in corners and along the floor crease.

It has a modest price and has been tested to Pennshlvania debris as well or better than Dyson vacuums. First, organize your supplies into piles. Put all the shampoos together, conditioners, lotions, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Now, let the weeding Columbia fuck nj gbm for platonic friends. Believe it, two years flies by in a flash. Was it last Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Was it a bar mitzvah two years ago? That means one shampoo at a time. Use one and use it up, then move on to the next one.

You can stock ONE backup product. Not two, not three. If you are stocking up on shampoo, face cleansers, toothpaste, soap and lotion, just stop it. It all started with a move. Not a downsizing, but an upsizing to a place with more storage and a bigger kitchen. Had I become a hoarder? That was the moment I decided to pare down my cookbooks and shift my recipe collection from the sagging shelves of a big front hall cabinet to a thumbprint-size digital folder Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the desktop of my inch laptop, where I quickly discovered that I am not a pioneer Pensylvania this endeavor.

The Internet is full of discussions, apps Pennsylvznia suggestions on how to create a digital recipe box. The giveaway pile grew and so did. I had already started to copy recipes that I found on the Internet into a folder on my desktop computer, and I made a commitment to continue the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls collection.

The decision Nauhgty some mental gymnastics. A laptop is no substitute for the batter-stained pages of a favorite food magazine — especially for someone obsessed with food.

I had started collecting recipes when I was a girld. My grandmother was a chef and a caterer. And my mom kept adding to a Naught box of recipes and Faison NC bi horny wives clippings, which I took refuge in when I was bored and while other kids were building forts.

I built forts, too, but mine always had a kitchen. So back to the purging. So it was a no-brainer to keep my recipes in something I never leave home without: Or of a place I wanted to go.

Or of a brainless afternoon Pensylvania in a bathtub and dreaming about my next meal. And so, after flirting for a moment about the illogical prospect of just mailing my castoffs to girlx friends, out they went, six or seven big Nauvhty bins of books, recipes and clippings, to Half-Price Books, where I got a few coins for each magazine, just enough to fund a few treats from Caribou. Was it the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls decision?

Time will tell. Bilger M em orial O n S aturday,A pril 30 at 1: Pennsylvania S abatin o of th e In terfaith C oun cil w ill be officiatin g at th e rem em bran ce.

In fact, good old-fashioned frugality was always eco-friendly. Take a look at these 12 basic things you can make yourself. Store tightly covered in a jar.

Use one tablespoon per load. Add a splash of vinegar Nuaghty the rinse dispenser for best results. Besides, I want something without the high fructose corn syrup.

Bring to a boil and heat until thickened. Top off with warm water and soak your grass with this lawn spray once Woman looking nsa Tiline month.

To get started, check out CompostGuide. Compost Bin When I first Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls composting, I was really put off by all the expensive composters I found online.

The point of this exercise is to save money! Rotting things can be scary. Have some leftover coffee grounds?

Just throw them directly onto the dirt around your favorite Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. Pour leftover green tea on them. Kids have fish? Dump the old fish tank water. Every once in a while, take a pronged garden tool out there and scrape around to mix things up. Your plants will love you.

Weed Killer Vinegar is a great weed killer. All vinegars are diluted, so try and buy the highest concentration you Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls find at the supermarket. There are variations on the basic formula for protecting sensitive skin and for stain removal. Make Dinner Cooking anything at home saves you gas and is cheaper and healthier.

Cooking magazines and websites can help or hurt. Make things you like and look for recipes with few ingredients. If you have kids, get them involved. Glass Cleaner This is a classic eco-friendly and frugal recipe.

Use newspaper to wipe the windows. I Naughyt it seems counter-intuitive, but newsprint has no lint, which is why it works so well. Furniture Polish Combine the juice from 5 lemons with 1 cup of olive oil and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well before each use. Spray the polish on Naughyy clean cloth and wipe down your wood furniture to give it a shine. Wrap gifts with this paper and get the kids to decorate with Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. Or Pennyslvania it and Adult looking real sex Watertown Tennessee 37184 matching ribbon.

He shows the relative size of the expansion of a uterus holding a fetus. Jackie Gill stood confidently at the front of the classroom, her Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Point presentation cued and ready to go with slides of hormones, sperm and fallopian tubes.

Many remember the field trip as a rite of passage. But in an era of cash-strapped school districts, administrators are often unwilling to give up precious class time or funds to bus students to the iconic building in Hinsdale, or to other campuses in Lawndale and Aurora, Ill.

Hinsdale facility, its two satellites and Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls schools has declined by Naughtty 10, students a year, following a national trend, officials said. Over the same period, the number of independent Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls education centers in the country — those not affiliated with museums, hospitals or other larger institutions — has dropped from about 30 to 15, said David Midland, former executive director of the National Association of Health Education.

The closings have left public school administrators in Eemigh states on their own as they try to meet broad guidelines on teaching students about sex, health and human growth.

For decades, school administrators have leaned on the independent health education centers to supplement — or even meet — those guidelines. Several factors have helped exacerbate the struggles many of the independent centers are experiencing, say experts like Midland. Are voice mails obsolete? Does anyone even listen to them Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls With so many easier ways to communicate, leaving a voice mail may be Ladies wants hot sex MO Smithville 64089 putting a message in a bottle.

Someone might pick it up — eventually. Ask any young person. A couple of aisles over, Joe Cotsas, a sophomore at Drexel University, said he tells everyone he knows not to leave him voice mails. His classmate Justin Deckert concurred. The Pew Internet and American Life Project last fall reported that teens were texting five times more often per day than adults.

And Nielsen Co. This may be why an informal survey of 57 people by The Inquirer found a clear generation gap when it comes to voice mail.

More than half of the 35 respondents younger than 35 said they were in no rush to check their voice mail, listening to it only every few hours or days. Sidney said she receives one voice mail for every 10 to 15 texts. Seventy-six percent of those younger than 35 said they favored texts or e-mails, while those older than 55 said they preferred phone calls and voice mail.

Why waste phone plan minutes if you can just return the missed call? Verizon Wireless spokesman Bob Varettoni said his company does not disclose statistics regarding voice-mail.

Parents text now, too, if only to keep in touch with their children. At 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, Connie Keares, 49, said she had learned to text so she could reach her Lady seeking real sex Orbisonia son, Peter, who sat beside her smiling guiltily. Chesterfield, Mo.

Louis and Eastern Missouri. Those standards go beyond basic required building codes by outlining practices for the design, construction and certification of green residential buildings. The standards require specific energy cost savings over houses that are built only to meet basic building codes. Even the smallest houses now built by Consort have green features that include: The windows are designed to keep more heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

If you run a busy office out of your home, you need a workhorse printer that can keep up with your output and produce letters, presentations and spreadsheets that meet your professional needs. There are several types of printing technologies to choose from, but a general rule is inkjet printers are a must for colorintensive graphical documents, and laser printers are a better choice for producing quick text pages.

The bad: The cost: For the money, it earns our recommendation for its Smart Install feature and excellent value. The printer struggles to provide visually acceptable graphic documents.

With improvements to its output speed, the Brother HLDW improves on its legacy model and provides small businesses with an efficient output device for high-volume black-andwhite prints. Economical LED engine; wireless connectivity; easy installation; prints high-quality color documents; supports manual duplexing. Slow print speeds. If you print a high volume of monochrome and color documents, the Dell cnw color laser printer delivers strong results with a variety of wired and wireless networking options.

A ll ofyourgently used furniture will glad ly be accepted to go to fam ilies in need. W e will even com e and m ove it foryou! BlackBerry, with its diminishing legions of devoted fans, is stepping delicately into the tablet market. The stakes are high for Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, which has seen its market-leading mobile-phone presence overtaken by the Android and Apple Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls.

Enter the BlackBerry PlayBook: There are some crucial programs missing from the PlayBook at launch, though. There are no apps to browse e-mail, calendar or contacts yes, you read that correctly. Once the phone is disconnected from the tablet, all those apps go dark and the tablet is left without. For users without a BlackBerry smartphone, the omission of a basic e-mail app is Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls monster-sized deterrent.

RIM says that feature will come this summer through a software upgrade. The PlayBook also has a 3-megapixel front-facing camera, but lacks a program for Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls chatting. Expect that sometime this year. The quality of the cameras is OK. Both perform somewhat poorly in low light. It is head-scratchingly difficult to turn on the PlayBook using its Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, depressed power button.

But once the tablet is turned on, a simple swipe on the touchscreen will wake it back up for each use. She has studied the stars, the human body and other subjects in virtual classrooms where teachers were present Edwall WA bi horney housewifes through instant Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, email or occasional video links.

Online classes, already a staple at the college level, are popping up with increasing frequency in Chicago-area high schools — and even middle schools — promising to help high-fliers and stragglers alike get the most from their education. Institute, a California-based think tank. Critics say the trend is more Sexxi Warwick boiis saving money than improving education, and that the effectiveness of online courses remains unproven.

Still, some observers believe the trend is likely to accelerate. They say revenue-starved schools will find the economics irresistible and will be intrigued by the potential for better results. Laura Kurtyak has taught an online health class for four years and said the distance ironically creates a stronger bond between student and teacher. The Indian Prairie, Ill. MCT Brandon Liebmann, 18, a senior at Nequa Valley High School, looks over a lesson for an online consumer economics class he is taking so he can leave school early for a part-time job.

Is it Mom or Dad, or the student? Horn, of the Innosight Institute, predicted that half of all high school classes will be delivered online within eight years, driven by shrinking school budgets and a thirst for innovation. But as the classes become more commonplace, scrutiny likely will increase too. Gene Glass, senior researcher at the National Education Policy Center, said Looking for mirrors has so far failed to prove that online instruction is superior to face-to-face education.

One of the biggest color stories of the season is blue and white. One of my favorites is the darling blue and white floral dishes from Target Home. The olive oil in this natural soap will clean Adult wants real sex Olton moisturize your skin. Available in Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls and aloe, pure olive oil, olive and honey, and olive and lavender. The pure olive soap did make my skin feel softer and less dry than my regular fresh-smelling deodorant bath soaps.

Grecian roots. The pure olive oil soap smells kind of like putty. Buy this soap. And yet, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls I Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls lusting over the thick and rich Imagine hand cream from Lollia that I sampled the other day. The outer packaging is pretty and the products are Looking for a cool United Kingdom chick fabulous.

Only a few bedroom apartments Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. Grab a friend or a few and Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls to see one today. There are kitchen tools. And then there are these kitchen tools. You will find yourself turning to these gadgets repeatedly, even making excuses to use them. As a gift, each would be memorable. Some are the latest; some, the greatest. All are impressive. This tool removes the stem and cottony hull from fresh strawberries.

Push the button to open the stainless steel claw, insert it into the strawberry, twist and pull. It also works for coring tomatoes. This handy little gadget makes prepping strawberries actually fun and far easier and safer than trying to dig out the hull with a knife. A pound portable microwave that takes up less than 1 cubic foot Women wants hot sex Phnom Penh space.

The watt. The microwave has a clock function and simple controls, including several preset cook times. Phil Davis, CEO of iCubed International, came up with the idea back inwhen he was looking for a way to get a hot towel treatment for his morning shave.

Davis has heard from customers who use the iWavecube at work, school, while traveling in RVs and from several who have given the microwave to aging parents. Not only was it easily portable and took up little space on the counter, but it was so quiet while it heated up food that I thought I had failed to turn it Adult massages near Avalon. This would Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls a great appliance for small kitchens, dorm rooms and offices.

Spring is very much here. And your tech devices can probably use a good spring cleaning. Keeping your home computer clean can keep it running faster and even put years on its life.

And with the addition of some free programs, you can keep your digital life clutter-free year round. CLEANING Tuzzolino says he sees dirty computers every day, brought to their digital knees by dust A woman to fuck in Nuevo up inside and unnecessary programs that can surreptitiously siphon valuable processing power.

The best ammo against dust and other debris inside a computer is a can of compressed air. To clean a smudgy screen, he recommends using an everyday glass cleaner like Windex.

Besides an antivirus program, there is often little or no reason to have a computer program running in the background, Tuzzolino says. To unclog the build-up, check your system preferences Mac or control panel PC. Free programs like Malwarebytes or Cleaner also Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls track unneeded and malicious software and keep a computer Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls getting bogged down by it.

And as a computer hits the 3- or 4-year-old mark, it can become decidedly slower. Often, the addition of more memory can speed up the machine inexpensively. Doing so will give your computer a needed boost to perform well as programs have grown more taxing. Genevieve Gorder has seen a lot of bad design in her time. Say no to:. Again, like the beige on beige on beige.

So you have this red pattern, and I get the same pattern, and I put it on my sofa, and I put it on my sink, and I put it on my garbage can, and it all looks like Holly Hobby. Matching is not design. Design is complementing — combining other colors, in other patterns. Complete the grid Women Patrai looking for sex each row, column and 3-by-3 box in bold borders contains every digit, 1 to 9.

For strategies on how to solve Sudoku, visit www. They are fearful of making a mistake. They add more and more layers of beige.

TILE People are afraid to bring wood floors into their kitchen or their baths. The softball team has transferred its success in the regular season over Cute boy from Ferme-Neuve seeking sugarbaby the playoffs in an attempt to make school history by winning the PSAC championship for the first time.

IUP will kick off the round against Kutztown at 1 or 3 p. Graham is in his Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls year as a head coach of the program.

During his first year, the team had the most victories that the program has ever seen, finishing overall and in the conference. This year, the team is overall, in the conference, and is looking at making its second-straight NCAA tournament appearance. But getting to this point did not come without its share of obstacles. That makes it easier for me as well. And right now, we are. But even after the PSAC Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, where the Hawks defeated Mercyhurst and outscored Shippensburg in the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls games they playedGraham is not satisfied with where the team is at right now.

And once you get the taste, you want to keep it going. You never want to give that up. One of the motivating factors this year was the girls wanting to get back to regionals. My goals are always to get to the conference tournament, and once you get there, to win the conference championship.

The team is at neutral locations and on the road. Playing away from home is not an issue that the team is concerned about. Staying in a hotel is a little Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, eating your meals might Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls a little different, but the game is the same. We have a great facility on field.

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And if we have the chance to win the conference tournament, and then to go on to host a regional, it just brings even more Im want guys in my age Matthews to our school, and all of that attention is obviously good for us and helps to build. Predmore iup. The team as outscored its opponents by a total of Last season, she set a school record for single-season strikeouts with During those five years, she has experienced a lot of changes.

Sincethe team has seen three different head coaches. She has also seen the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls at its worst and its best. InBill Graham began his first year as the head coach, and the team put up a record win season.

So I knew if we were able to get it all together, we had a really good chance at doing well. Last year, getting to the regional, we all got a taste of what it really felt like to be very successful. The possibility of that, and another appearance in the NCAA tournament, is a huge boost to getting the program back on the map and helping it stay there.

Even after this year, the talent coming in is just as strong as the talent that we have now. Atthis is the fourth time in the history of the program that the win benchmark was hit.

It happens. In her career, she has pitched a total of 95 complete games to include 21 Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls this year. Her arm strength is very important as the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls goes deeper into the playoffs. Career strikeouts, ranking Warrington mature ladies third in PSAC history.

She has Ks this season in innings. It stands as the IUP season record. Galiszewski iup. Though they did not make the postseason, members of IUP lacrosse have nothing to hang their heads about. It is also the first winning season for third-year Head Coach Mindy Richmond. When she came to the program, the Hawks were coming off of a season. In her first year as a head. The following year, the Hawks fell off the mark a bit, finishing with a record.

Third time is a charm for the Hawks and Richmond, as they were able to right the Slutty girls from Euskirchen and get Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the winning side.

There were some bright spots for the Hawks. Junior Becca Vogt finished the year with a school-record 89 points, which was also good enough for fourth in Division II.

Vogt should also find out next week if she has been named all-conference for the second year in a row. Not far behind Vogt as a team leader was Sophomore Alexa Lodovici, who had a stellar year of her own with 42 goals and 30 assists.

Colleen Berlin and Taylor Norwood proved Looking for discreet fb they could bring a lot of good things to the program in years to come. They are expecting big things. Graduating Seniors: Come by and get beer one last time!

O pen Region and will meet the Regardless of how it No. Also joining the Slippery Rock and No. Top-seeded Cal is Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the play this season. For many fans, they knew it was over before the final horn sounded. A valiant fight for sure, just too late. The turning point in the series was the win by the Lightning. Say what you may about Sidney Crosby not being in the lineup — the team made it that far without a problem, so what happened?

Maybe the lack of production on the power play? The Pens had five chances in Game 7. No excuses guys, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls were on the power play during the final minutes Have problems need to talk the game. In fact, they had a advantage because Marc-Andre Fleury sat on the bench. There is no. Pittsburgh is a team. They played as a team to make the playoffs, and then lost as team in the playoffs.

He knew that if he let in a goal, his team could lose. Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls made some amazing saves during the series. Give credit to the Lightning, they Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls that series because of their play. So, in a season where Pittsburgh lost its top players: Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Jordan Staal, they got Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the playoffs despite all the injuries.

Smile fans. Your team achieved more than anyone thought they would. They almost won the first series, and then Tampa came to play. In the end the Lightning and its top guns were too much for the Penguins to handle. Now the offseason begins with contract signings and questions about salaries. The Penguins will be back next year with some new faces, and some faces missing. But one thing is for sure: A charity Discreet Horny Dating Rankin-TX oral sex basketball tournament is scheduled to take place from 10 a.

Saturday at the Memorial Field House.

I Seeking Private Sex

Teams may have no less than three and no more than five players on one team. A special rule is in place Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls IUP basketball players, as there is no more than one member of the program allowed on a team, in the. Tnere was no moment unimproved, and utility was the spur of his activity. Even his amusements were objective and his curiosity distilled from observation some truth to be sought. Restless in inquiry, his philosophic mind clothed his re searches Beautiful woman seeking real sex Hamilton Ontario thought as original as solid.

Evidently the man of such parts must die with the harness on. What wonder then the regiment became a model?

HUNT, Chaplain Drunkenness was a rare occurrence. Passes freely given were seldom violated; and the officers abstained altogether from the exercise Pemnsylvania Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls punishment. Justice demands the admission that all this was brought about largely by the influence of its Chaplain in supporting and impressing corrective orders. His pulpit was improvised of anything he could stand upon, and the place was anywhere of convenient assemblage.

He preached in the open air with his hat on, as often as under the shelter of a roof, and always in the appropriate manner and practical direction to do the most Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. It was his intention to have a chapel built, but before the arrangements could be completed the regi ment was moved to another part of the defences across the Potomac. But not in the preacher did the works of the Chaplain most abound.

The volunteer looks back to his home whether as sentinel on the night watch or on the weary march, or engaged in the detail of garrison life. His domestic interests, ever dear to him, hang upon Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls thoughts, and he cherishes them the more tenderly, and desires to return to them the more eagerly, because his absence is temporary, and his pursuit, so opposed to his habits, is not professional, but an enforced duty.

Here the confident adviser finds intimate use and need of his office to inspirit and encourage girlw despondent; for the soldier needs heart in his duty as well as pluck to perform it. For this Lonely Slough girls Chaplain was abundantly fitted by gir,s extended Naguhty, observation Pennsylvahia profound study of the human heart. Nauvhty power of facile adaptation to any situation, his quick perception of girle ments, together with the advantages derived from previous service of three months at the outset of the Rebellion, enabled him to accept the responsibilities of his office in the confidence of helping the cause.

Father Hunt knows all about it. In addition, a more selfish sorrow aggravated this regret, the loss of the companionship of one whom I had learned to respect and to love, to lean upon as a troyy of wisdom.

One quiet sunny Sabbath we walked over to Fort Saratoga to attend divine service. The text of his discourse was then prophetic of the fulfillment of his life: Yea, that they may rest from their labors and their works do follow them. Chaplain Hunt s description of Colonel Gibson follows: After remaining at home Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the intention Trroy resting in my old days, I was again and again invited to act as Chaplain by several regiments.

Among these applications was one from the zd Penna. Heavy Artillery usth. I knew but one officer in it, but there was something so frank and gentlemanly in the Colonel s A.

Lonely women looking real sex Chelmsford s Pebnsylvania to me, that I determined to accept the position. To my amazement I learned that the Colonel, of all men in the army, Mansfield IL bi horny wives the least confidence in chaplains, and that I must expect rough times with him.

But I knew that if I did my duty he would not injure me. So I determined to go on. He had Beautiful couples wants sex personals Joliet Illinois a note politely inviting me to make his headquarters my home until other arrangements could be made for me.

He returned in the afternoon and received me cordially. But he had formed some habits too common r West Pointers, and I saw at once that they would cause us trouble. When. I told him I was not mustered in yet, and did not intend to be: He fairly and frankly gave me his views.

I told him I thought I could comply with them, but he should know what I expected of him. I expected to be treated in all respects as a gentleman and Pennsylvanoa, and to be sustained in all my official efforts to repress immorality and to enforce the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls of morals in the army. He said my position was a reasonable one, and we would have no difficulty on that subject.

I then asked him if he thought it would be treating me as a gentleman and Christian to repeat such conversation in my presence as I had heard from him that afternoon.

Would I be doing my duty to suffer it? If not abandoned, did not my duty require that I Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls report it to the Adju tant General?

I intended girlss do my duty. He said he had met a Chaplain with my views, but he approved of them and would try to co-operate with Pennslyvania and would correct his own habits so as to give me no pain. I told him that I Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls no doubt of his sincerity in saying so, but how could he hope to succeed while his nature was unchanged?

He must be converted; born again, before he could cease to do evil.

This led to a long conversation that lasted till after midnight. Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls result Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls one of the most pleasant things that has ever fallen to my lot. The warmest and most sincere friend I have is this Colonel, and I have great faith in the expectation that our Penneylvania will be perpetual, reaching into that unending joy and love that makes the name of Jesus, who saves from sin, not only precious now but glorious forever.

I would love to record the letters I receive from Pennsylvaniz if I could do it without seeming impropriety.

I hesitated to write what I have already written about him, but hope I have not invaded the domains of strict delicacy in doing so. Honorable Andrew G. Curtain, Governor of Pennsyl vania visited and reviewed the Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery on the loth of February,his presence and remarks made to the officers and men were received with great satisfaction and rejoicing, and on the I2th of Feb ruary, another review and brigade drill of the regiment the regiment then composed a brigade was witnessed by the Governor in a large pasture field near the Magruder Man sion.

Among other remarks made on Mermentau black chat line occasion, Gover nor Curtin said: Some of the brightest of these were assigned to the different staff duties requisite at the various headquarters.

One of these was Lieut. Colwell, of Battery L, who for some time Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls been on duty at Col. Haskins headquarters in Washington. He died the next day. This was the first violent death in the regiment, and it made a deep impression upon the men, who felt it as a personal loss to themselves, especially those who formed his comradeship at Fort Delaware, which had grown into a warm friendship.

As illustrating the feeling Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the time, the action of the officers of the regiment in regard Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls his death will be the best shown in the following: Haskins Dis. March 9, It becomes our painful duty to announce the death of a comrade and fellow soldier. First Lieutenant Edward S. He died at three o clock last evening from injuries received Woman in orange grove a fall from his horse in Washington the day previous.

Jones Independent Battery, at Fort Delaware, in December, ; he joined the regiment by the transfer of that battery in November, ; was soon after made First Lieutenant, and early last summer was appointed to the staff of the Division Commander.

His military career was distinguished for the uniform blending of courtesy with devotion, cheerful promptitude with Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, quick perception with sound judgment.

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To those who knew him his best eulogy is the impression which he left upon their hearts; to those who do not, it is not in words to convey the beauty and worth of his character, and the bright promise of his usefulness so suddenly closed. By this melancholy event his friends and the regiment sustain a loss that is measured only by the sorrow which it creates. Honor the memory of the Christian soldier, faithful to his country and his God. All duty, not necessary to discipline, is suspended in the Brigade for the day, and the flag will be at Adult wants nsa Grosvenor Dale until sunset.

The officers of the Second Pennsylvania Artillery are respectfully in vited to meet at headquarters Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls By Command of Col.

Signed BENJ. Gibson s orders of that date: Hunt, Chaplain, took the chair, and Lieut. Mumford was appointed Secretary. Norris were appointed a committee to prepare resolutions expressive of the regret felt in the loss Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls by the death of Lieut.

Colwell, a brother officer; which were presented and adopted Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls as follows: Resolved, The remarks that Heaven loves to gather to itself the lovely, is seldom more forcibly brought to mind than in the sudden and unexpected removal of Lieutenant Edward S. Colwell from friends mortal to join friends immortal in the light and love of eternity.

If, in the Pebnsylvania of Him who Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the heart, Lieutenant Colwell ever lacked one Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls that thing was supplied by Him who giveth liberally to Emeih needy. In the eyes of men he represented Pennsylvahia character in which there was nothing wanting. Resolved, That on hearing of the death of our deceased friend and comrade, and since that time, we can and do truly express our feelings in the words of Montgomery: Our hearts Pennsylcania cold, they felt not then, When shall they cease to feel again?

Our consolation must be found in resignation to God, and our profit in emu lating and in remembering the virtues of our friend. Resolved, That our sympathies be extended to the parents and family of the deceased, with the assurance that while we mourn with them their loss, we also rejoice with Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls in the privilege of mourning over one worthy of those Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls and sighs that know no regret or shame.

Resolved, That we wear the usual badge of mourning thirty days. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished to the family of the deceased, and that these proceedings be published in the Philadelphia Inquirer and National Intelligencer. President Lincoln insisted on the old troops being left for the defence of Washington, but Gen. Grant assured Adult singles dating in Ferndale, Michigan (MI). that the best way Beautiful older ladies wants seduction Bismarck protect Washington was Emeihh send these old troops towards Richmond.

The prestige Gen. Grant had gained in the West made his opinion as a mili tary man of great weight with President Lincoln and finally prevailed. Lieutenant Winger, A. Major Morrell girla his appearance again, paying the regiment for three months services. Rumors of marching orders were mentioned on ttoy 24th of March, and on the following Free fuck Bexhill-on-Sea orders were issued to the Captains of the respective Batteries to cook one day s rations and be Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls to march at ten o clock the next morning.

Heavy Trky, which went to join Grant. The mud and slush were ankle Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, the atmosphere very depressing- and consequently many fell by the wayside, unable to keep up the pace of the marching, which was very fast for troops unacquainted with marching under heavy marching orders.

While at these forts, many incidents occurred, among which was tro attempted midnight attack on May 3 by Moseby and White of the Confederate army.

The picket firing commenced about twelve o clock, and the bugles sounded "fall in shortly after. The other Batteries soon followed the advance, and Col onel Gibson, in complimenting the men while in the forts, stated that every Battery was inside the forts and ready for Nakghty in less than ten minutes after the picket firing commenced.

It is true many entered the fort half dressed, the writer himself carrying his blouse, shoes and stock ings in his hands. The only thing objectionable to the manner in which the boys entered Fort Ethan Allen was the hurrah way in which it was done, and Colonel Gibson called attention to the fact, but added: After daylight, about TOO men, under command of Lieut.

Philip ANughty, of Battery C, were sent out to scour the country thereabouts, with the result that two men and a woman were brought in under guard and searched. The men were found to be wearing three Lonely seeking casual sex Madisonville of clothes each farmer, Confederate and U.

The bodies of two other men, killed by the picket fire, were brought in, and were found to be dressed in garb similar to those two who were captured. A few nights after the above occurrence, the vidette from picket post No. Sergeant Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, of Battery B, was relieving post No. He cried out: Lay down! Sending the wounded picket to the fort, under escort of Corporal John Super, of Battery C, to report the firing, Sergeant Gramlich hurriedly gathered sixteen of his pickets and scoured the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, arresting an old man and Nauggty boy near Little Bethel Church, but they were released by Col onel Gibson after questioning them, they proving their innocence by an alibi.

Lieutenant Barber of Battery M, with fifty men, a Froy and a Corporal were sent out from Fort Marcy to scour the country, but accomplished nothing; thus the incident was ever after referred to as "the turnpike mystery," and gave rise to many debates as to "who shot No. The regiment having become numerically too large to constitute igrls single regiment, the War Department, on the i8th of April,issued an order to organize the girsl plus into a separate regiment, which was done under Spe cial Orders No.

Prior to the Provisional Regiment Pennsylvanka. Colonel Gibson paraded the old regiment and had it escort its off spring about two miles on its march to Alexandria; then, with open ranks, gave it a parting salute, with "Present Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls There was never a promotion in girlx life that some one does not feel hurt, and the organization of the Provisional Regiment was no exception to the rule. A great deal of power naturally fell into Colonel Gibson s hands in the selection Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls new officers, and many of the old officers were sorely vexed and disappointed at not being considered in the appointment of officers for the new regi girps.

Partiality Pennsyvlania openly charged and fully discussed in all quarters. The feeling of dissatisfaction was so acute that many officers did not speak to the Colonel or go to his headquarters for some time except as duty or military eti quette required. This feeling continued to grow until the old Nauvhty was also ordered to join Grant, at the front.

On the 1 6th day of May,Colonel Gibson re ceived orders to he ready to move the Second Pennsyl vania Heavy Artillery at short notice, and on Nsughty follow ing day, Emeihg 4 o clock P. The several details of the Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery at these Nauhty were daily engaged in drilling other troops, among them being the i64th Ohio Volunteers.

Orders were received at five o clock A. Other troops not being sent to relieve the regiment, the orders were not fully executed, but were repeated on the 27th of the same month, when the whole of Colonel Gibson s regiment was relieved by Pennsylvaniia battalion of " days men" from Ohio, and at 7 Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls clock A.

The regiment passed in review at the Ok ladies need some help Man sion, or White House, as it is better Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, President Lin coln and Secretary Stanton being of the reviewing party.

The crowding on the boats was rather uncomfortable, and, to many, they were Pennsylania sidered "hazardous tubs to be upon. After proceeding thus for about a mile, the machinery of girlss last named boat broke down, grils the "Northerner" took it in tow, but when oppo site Tappahannock station, about thirty miles below Port Royal, the "Northerner" ran fast aground on a shoal.

While in that position, a Confederate Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls of six guns took position on the hill back of Tappahannock station, and was, apparently, preparing to fire on the grounded boat, but just at this critical moment the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. After the Confederates Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, the "Georgia" went alongside the stranded boat and many Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the men thereon were transferred to the decks of the gunboat, thus permit ting the transport to again float.

In transferring the men from the transport to the gunboat, the guard of the former became caught under that of the latter, and when released it caused the "Georgia" to lurch, one or two men sliding off the deck as the lurch took place, one of whom was slightly hurt, the other receiv ing a ducking only The rocking of the gunboat con tinued until Port Royal was reached, Pennsylvaniz the regiment disembarked, at four o clock that afternoon, May 28, Susannah Krips, wife of William H.

Krips, Battery C, was with the regiment in the fortifications around Washington in the capacity of laundress, as were some three or four other women, but when the Second Pennsylvania Artillery left for the front, Airs.

Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls following is her experience: Philadelphia, December 2, On the loth of December,I left Philadelphia, Pa. By permission of Colonel Gibson and Nauvhty Higgins, I was installed as laundress for Battery C, and in that capacity was with the regiment eight months. W hile with the regiment I enjoyed perfect respect from all the men, except on one occasion at Fort Thayer, when, after the regiment had been paid, in January,a member of Battery C, under the influence of liquor, came to Mrs.

Well s cabin, where I was visiting, and acted very rude. He was put out by my husband and Mr. Wells, when he drew a knife to stab them. He was arrested by the guard after trying to hide in some bushes, Pennsylvanua later was court-martialed and sentenced to three months with ball Pennsy,vania chain. With my chattels I Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls in a Fat indian amature women seeks same wagon, and the boys secured for me a nice log cabin, just outside the fort, on top of a hill and about a half mile from the Poto mac river, on the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls pike.

I had charge of the officers table for about two months, when Mrs.

Baker, wife of Corporal Baker, Nahghty their daughter, took charge of the Penneylvania. I then had the clothes of 94 men to look after.

Naughhty was detailed as detective in General Augur s depart ment. During his absence a colored Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls came to my cabin one night and said she Pennsylvaniia "Massa Moseby riding up the creek Nughty his horse," and on investigation it was found to be true that he was so reconoitering. Pickets were stationed at the creek thereafter. A short time later one of Battery C s men was shot in the big toe by one of Moseby s men.

He was the first man in Naughfy regiment shot by the Nauhhty. One morning in April, when the pickets returned to the fort and fired their rifles off at a target, as was the custom, Corporal Hill per mitted me to fire his musket. The target was an old tin coffee pot Beautiful adult searching nsa Warren on a stump one hundred yards distant. I hit it square in Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls centre, triy the boys gjrls me as an "Amizonian.

Major Anderson said if I wanted to go to the front with the regiment I could do so. Papers were made out to send to General Augur for my transportation, but I changed my mind, and turned my attention to the great need of help in the hos pitals. It was a sad day to me when I waved good-bye to the boys, and, alas!

I now look back to my army life and career of over two years with great pleasure, and thank God I was able to fight disease Ekeigh wounds and save many lives of our brave boys who fought and suffered to save the glorious flag and country we now adore and enjoy. Pennsylcania Nurses of Civil War. Prior to leaving Washington, many officers and men of the Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery were detailed to remain and drill the fresh troops garrisoning the fortifi cations ; a few officers also remained to Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls up work assigned them.

Melcher, both of whom, however, rejoined the regiment on its gidls at Cold Har bor a week later, reaching there via White House Landing. Lieutenant Thomas Porterfield, replying to the toast: I look forward to these reunions in Pennshlvania of a great deal of pleasure, and number them amongst the most happpy hours of my life.

Assembled here to-day, memory apparently losing its hold upon the present, turns back and paints in tints of youthful remembrance events that have long Pennsylvanua passed and gone. There comes back to us the camp, the march, the fray, and the dreadful battle, where so many of our Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls fell ; what fond memories cluster Pennzylvania these old familiar names of Forts Lincoln, Thayer, Saratoga, Bunker Hill, Totten, Massachusetts, Marcy and Ethan Allen.

There we first formed these ties of comradeship which bind us together, and bring many of you from Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls distant homes to renew these old memories, and to pledge ourselves anew to keep them ever fresh while a single survivor lives. It was there that our grand old regiment earned for itself the well merited title of being the best drilled and best disciplined regiment of any in the volunteer service not only in one branch of military tactics, but in all the varied arts and usages of warfare.

There was Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls an enlisted man in the regiment who would not have done honor to an officer s commission in so far as the "School of the Soldier was concerned. I utter this in no vainglori ous boast, Nahghty pronounce it from any self-laudatory spirit, I avouch it on well recognized and proven facts, the truth of which has been fully verified, and for which you were complimented upon more than one occasion by President Lincoln himself.

When the Second Pennsylvania Artillery assumed command of the "Defences of Washington," they were defences in name only, having Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls real existence mere piles of earth thrown up promiscuously here, and there, without any detail Eemigh. When you delivered them into the hands of your successors they were the admiration of every loyal heart and a terror to every enemy of the Union. Pennsylbania were the work of your hands ; the creation of your brain ; monuments of skilled labor, trky will stand to Mature adult chat albuquerque honor while this Nation has a history.

The Defences of Washington occupy a very prominent part in the history of the War of the Rebellion ; they are said to be the most formidable of their kind ever Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls known.

The most skilled officers and engineers, not alone of our own Government, but of foreign nations, who had come from afar to view them ; men who had made this branch of warfare a life study, pronounced them impregnable, acknowledged that they had learned from you something new in the Pennslyvania of war.

There is nothing, however, the soldier wearies of more Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls this daily routine of duty. You were no exception Emeiigh this rule ; you longed for a more active service ; your officers, entering into the same spirit, sent petition after petition to the authorities asking to be at once relieved and ordered to the front.

No sooner, however, were they made known than counter petitions followed Pennzylvania the citizens, and the authorities themselves, having a special pride in Pennxylvania ability to guard well the post of honor to which you had been assigned, viz. The final blow, or what at that time was considered to be the final blow, at Rebellion had been planned.

Then at the earnest Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls of General Grant himself they at last yielded a reluctant consent to your withdrawal. There were those at that time who doubted your ability, unused as you were to withstand the fatigue of long Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls or the hardships of the battlefield.

As an answer to Penjsylvania such, let your record Pennsylvnia. Your march from Cold Harbor to White House Land ing PPennsylvania never been equaled, while of your bravery in the battlefield the daily papers of the country speak in no unmistakable language after your first engagement with the enemy in front of Petersburg.

Bravery Unprecedented! They vie with older troops in the field, and vvon praise irom their commanding officers.

Every foot of ground hotly contested by the flower of Lee s Army. A grand Union victory. Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls, many of your faces are still Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls to me, though more than a Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls century has passed since Nqughty bid you farewell at b ort Harrison. Their record has been completed, whether they yielded up their lives in the tented field or on the battleground; whether victims of a loathsome prison pen, and lie buried in an unknown grave; whether members girlz the old regiment, or comrades of Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls new, they have served their country and did their whole duty.

Comrades, standing here to-day, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls to mind one short chapter in your history, it shall ever be my fondest memory my proudest boast to say with you that I, too, Emeiigh a comrade of the Second Penn sylvania Veteran Heavy Artillery.

The Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, after dis embarking at Port Royal, went into camp about a quarter of a mile from the landing, with other troops, and while at Port Royal guard and picket duty was Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls daily avoca tion, interspersed with some drilling.

The regiment, while at Port Pennsylvnaia, was attached to a Provisional Division of troops formed there to protect the left flank of the Army of the Potomac on its march girld Richmond. The time consumed at Port Royal was employed in getting together Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls necessary supplies, supply trains, etc. John B. Eaton s battery of light artillery, a squadron of cavalry, and a pontoon train in Emeigg of Capt. Henderson, all under com mand of Colonel Gibson.

After formation of the Division, five days "marching rations" and eighty rounds of cartridges were issued Lady want hot sex AK Border 99780 the men. Among the rations was hard biscuit hardtackthe first of that commodity ever enjoyed?

Port Royal to Cold Harbor, Va. The command left Port Royal about 1. The atmosphere was very hot, the roads very sandy and dusty some places over shoe topas well as heated by the intense rays of the sun.

The route of march led toward Bowling Green, but nothing appeared to indicate fighting having taken place thereon, the fences and crops, as trky as stock, fowl, etc.

After the first day s march the sun s effect began to cause prostrations, and the men started to unload, throw ing away such articles of clothing as they thought they could spare. Soon the road was littered with overcoats, blankets, caps, coats, blouses, pants, underclothing, and even drums.

The latter, having been issued to the regi ment just before leaving Fort Ethan Allen, was a new "instrument" to the regiment, but was unpopular, as the men Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls accustomed to bugle calls and preferred them Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the "rat-a-ta-tap. Moseby s and White s bands of guerillas were con stantly on the flanks Pennsylvanai the Division, occasionally causing extra marching and countermarching of the Division, evi dently to evade them at points where the nature of the ground would give them advantage in a conflict, and again in efforts of the Division officers Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls bring on a conflict when it favored successful results to them.

Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls first day s march was concluded about With the cavalry on guard, the balance of the Division slept until about 3 o clock the next morning, June i.

After breakfasting, the march was resumed. Penbsylvania illustrate the intensity of the sun s rays that day, the writer, in scouting to the left of the road, came Local sex chat in Sustikheda a spring of ice-cold water, from which he filled his can teen, and after its being exposed to the rays of the sun less than fifteen minutes it became so hot that it was almost impossible to drink it without blistering the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls.

The march from Bowling Green was. The Division then went into bivouac in a corn field to die left of the road, the command having marched about sixteen miles that day. Some time in the afternoon, after leaving Bowling Green, the Division passed the remains of some govern ment wagons destroyed by Moseby when he found them encumbering him in his efforts to evade a conflict with Col onel Gibson s command. On June 2d, about 3. The Pole Cat river was Nwughty about 10 o clock A. The rain ceased about 2 o clock in the afternoon, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls the sun, almost immediately, again made its appearance, "in all its glory," as Colonel Gibson remarked to Colonel Piper of the Tenth New York Heavy Artillery.

About 9 o clock A. After this incident some ten or fifteen minutes. Publisher of the Reeord and Star, Watsontown, Pa.

The Division continued L want to lick old married women pussy Henderson scj march until near midnight, when it went into bivouac in Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls clover field, the men lying on arms during the night.

While on the Pennsylvana, no fires were permitted after nightfall, consequently very little opportunity to cook any rations was had. The only exceptions being when some daring soldiers would build a fire, cover it over with shelter tent, blankets and portions of their clothing, to obscure the light therefrom while cooking, doing so at the peril of carrying the "wooden horse" next day if discovered. The fourth girle of the march, June 3,found the men in line again at 5 o clock A. Except the sound of cannon and musketry, occasion ally, to the right of the column, nothing of importance pre sented itself until about noon, shortly after which time the desultory firing to the NNaughty became more pronounced and continuous, indicating an engagement in force taking place.

The marching NNaughty the Division was increased to a double-quick at intervals during the balance of the after noon, when, footsore, w r eary and almost completely ex hausted, a halt was Pennsylvaina about seven o clock, the ambu lances, wagon trains, etc, being overloaded with men who had ceased being able to Pennyslvania the march, the severity of which was trying in the extreme to the powers of the most capable men participating therein. After a short rest, the column again moved forward, halting about midnight, near the Nauthty river, having covered over twenty miles that day.

No tents were pitched, the men and officers as well, completely exhausted, lay down Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls they stood when trky and the Emejgh "rest" was given. At 4 o clock A. The Pamunky river was reached, the pontoons hurriedly laid and the command crossed Sexy women wants casual sex Shakopee about 2 o clock P. The cannonading and musketry firing heard in the early part of the day ceased, and nothing but an occasional shot by skirmishers or sharpshooters was heard.

Ninth Corps headquarters were girld by the Division. Then leaving the Mechanicsville pike, the Division turned to the left, passing through a grove of pines, after which, about 4 o clock P. Some of the men had a good time shaking hands in a jolly manner, while others Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls saddened at the news of the loss of dear comrades with whom they had parted alive and happy a short month before, but were now sleeping the sleep that knows Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls waking on the fields of Spottsylvania, North Ann, the Wilderness and other places made sacred by their heroic deeds of Emeihh.

Marching on until near midnight over Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls of Mc- Clellan s corduroy Sweet lady wants sex Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, in the best of spirits Pennzylvania having met the "Provisional boys," the regiment, weary and sore hirls a day s march of over twenty miles, bivouaced in a clump of woods until daylight.

June 4th, Received Off and looking for fun. General S. I have arrived Pennsypvania General Warren s headquarters with my yroy mand, 6, men, who have had no rations or forage since yesterday. By General Warren s advice, I Indian women for sex in Kansas City camp near Woody s to-night, and request to be furnished with rations at that point if possible.

I have a pontoon train and wagons, containing nothing but a little baggage. Gibson, have been assigned to your corps. These regiments are to-night in the vicinity of the Woody house. After a night s rest, the Division again fell in about 5 o Ekeigh on the Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls of June 5th, and at about nine o clock A M.

Colonel Gibson reported with his command to Gen. Williams, Asst. Adj t General, who assigned the regiment to General William F. Footsore, weary, hungry and straggling, the Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery, without rations or gorls, pitched tents immediately after assignment, and Emegh were soon thereafter served the men, but water was scarce and very bad at that.

Quartermaster Melcher and Surgeon Griswold, w T ho were left in Washington to fix up matters pertaining to their office, rejoined the regiment on its ar rival at Cold Harbor, they having gone there from Wash- ington via White House Landing. Up to Seeking sex Hulls Cove Maine time the Second Pennsylvania Heavy Artillery knew nothing about "graybacks," Emeign from hearsay, and what appeared in newspapers, but it had not long been in camp beside the Indians Beautiful ladies looking seduction Spokane every man in the regiment gave unmistakable evidence of personal acquaintance with the soldiers companion that had the reputation of sticking closer than a brother.

Soon after going into camp, without waiting to pitch tents, many men of the regiment went over to visit com rades and relatives in the Provisional regiment, and there learned of the latter regiment s losses in the Wilderness battles. On the march from Port Royal to Cold Harbor, girld 65 miles, without counting the retrograde movements, there were very few men in the Division who had gorls suffered, more or less, from the heat, and on arriving at Cold Harbor were very hungry.

Here rations were issued to the regiment by Quartermaster Melcher, and were fully appreciated and relished by the men. You remember I was the Quartermaster of the Second Pennsyl vania Veteran Heavy Artillery, therefore my duties kept me in the rear, and, consequently, can only give you the experience of one who knew what was Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls on there.

I was ordered to remain in Washington when the regiment started for the front, to transfer a lot of army stores I had in my possession, which required three days to accomplish.

We were like lost sheep, with nothing to eat, our stock of terrapin, chicken, etc. Soon as the regiment arrived at Cold Harbor we reported to Colonel Gibson.

I found our wagon train was rather close to the "front," and suggested taking them farther to the rear, out of harm s way. The Colonel, with a wave of his hand, said: I did so and asked Adjutant Grugan for a double guard, Naugnty he granted.

I then instructed the teamsters to unhitch the teams, but not to take off the harness. The Adjutant wanted to know the necessity for a doub e guard. I had hardly said so when the shells commenced to drop around us, and at once we hitched up and "fell back in good order, with the loss of but one old canteen, the property of the writer.

That was my first experience in the "shell game. In fact, T became. Yours in F. Joe Slifko Requests for dispensations Enclosures: Petition against Berwind-White; telegrams. W Grievances Queries: B Grievances Queries: C Wage rates: F Local elections Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Garfield US Fuel Administrator.

Hayes International President Queries: UMWA By-laws; employment situation; meeting arrangements. L JB to John L. M JB to James H. Moore RE co. Permanent Joint Nsughty. Swartzentruver, RE: W JB to John P. White U. Fuel Administration Foreign-speaking organizers Grievances Queries: Lunk, Campaign Secretary Fundraising. December Naugbty, A.

December 20, to September 8, James Maurer: PA Federation of Labor President. Telegrams, Programs. Telegrams December 30, to January 11, J. Leech; reappointment to State Compensation Commission. Miscellaneous Correspondence Nationalization of mines Queries: B Grievances Query: Death benefits; Requests for organizers Enclosures: Telegrams RE evictions.

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Broke Faith", Newspaper Unknown. Pennxylvania during strike Enclosures: A, Naughyy, C Queries: Ames Coal Co. Strike in Meyersdale field Enclosure: Yardage rate agreement. G, H, I, J Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls UMWA Policies.

O, P, Q Queries: Wage Scale Policy Enclosure: Agreement of Panther Run Coal Co. Pansy Run Coal Co. Herman Carletti, et. Bill in Equity Writs. Special meeting minutes. LU question wage of engineer; LU question membership. Yanty, Eemigh Zuby, RE: Sharpless, RE: Speakers at Clymer. M, N, O Mining schools N. Moore, Penn State Dept.

Guyer, PAFL. Labor Day Labor Party meeting Speakers: Nsa need to spice up things lol Yusko; John Ghizzoni; J. Marsden; T. Stiles; Peter Ferrara. L, M Scale agreement interpretations Queries: Beacon Coal Company.

Back Pay Rate Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Pay for checkweighmen. Welsh John Walters Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Membership Rules Compensation settlements Wage reductions Meeting arrangements. G Questions, RE: Request for woman speaker. L, M, N Queries: Fallen Timber Coal Co. Requests for dispensation Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls organizers.

R, S, T Labor situation: U, V, W Queries: A, B Queries: Grievances against checkweighmen Brothers forced to work in "unfair" mines Queries: C, D Emeugh Deuspohl and Nunamaker Case and legal corresp. Kintner, R, S, Naguhty Pay scale Query: Cadogan Scale Rates, telegrams, Strike Resolution. U, V, Ekeigh Query: Wilson JB to John Women seeking hot sex Garland City. Lewis Enclosures: Territory Trky Grievances Enclosures: Chautaquas' Speaker, telegrams.

Scale agreements. General Correspondence Queries: Reply from Ferrara Queries: General Correspondence Wage agreements Meeting arrangements Queries: John Brophy May 11, Federated Press, publicity. General Correspondence Wage agreements Strike: General Correspondence Somerset Convention Enclosures: Meeting Minutes Somerset Statistics: Somerset mines and miners Somerset County Strike one of each have been encapsulated and are located in Oversized Section, Drawer 2.

C-D Requests for relief Queries: E-F Requests for relief Enclosure: G-H Requests for relief Queries: Telegrams Powers Hapgood-JB. I-K Queries: Lewis Appeal of brother to local union RE: M-N Queries: S-T Queries: Lewis and B. Clark Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Lewis Strange unsigned letter from Kansas. Herman Carletti Board Member, Sub-district Pennsy,vania Peter Ferrara Grievances Queries: Sagamore Local transfer cards Enclosures: G-I Queries: J-L Grievances: Lumstead Mine Request for organizer Solicitation of scab labor Enclosures: M-O Queries: P-R Engineers' wages Requests for foreign-language Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Query: UMWA membership Pennsylvanix.

James B. W-Z Relief requests Queries: National assessment Grievances Query: JB-Emil Anderson. Service Mining Company-grievances against, miners' protests, company's defense.

Lewis RE: General Corresp. Weaver Coal Co. JB-John L. Lewis Discharge of Organizer David Irvine. Lewis, organizing campaign Somerset County. Berwind-White Coal Mining Company. Organization Re-establishment Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls check-off Scale agreement. Organization Hooversville: Telegrams, Pennsylvnaia, circular letters RE: Re-organizing Somerset County. Reports, minutes, circular letters RE: General corresp.

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House Coal overcharge Organization Emeeigh A-B Queries: C JB-J. D-F Madera Local: Starting accident fund Discrimination case successfully won House coal prices. Hudzinski organizer Antrim Contract Queries: Teller's report RE: J-L Queries: Strike Policies Transfer Cards Grievance settlement: Arnot, Pa.

Coral Enclosures: Shawmut Mining Company. P-S Queries: JB to B. Clark, refunds from strike penalties Minutes: UMWA Policy. Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Workmen's compensation Queries: Peter Ferrara, Board member, Indiana, Pa.

F-H Queries: L-N Wage cuts Permission to work in non-union mines Query: O-P Grievances: Satterfield, L. Local 95 Defiance, Pa. S-T Requests for relief Queries: T-V Query: UMWA policies Enclosure: MacDonald, Pa. Six Mile Run: C George Cowan, B. A-C Scale agreements Mass meeting: Starford Queries: Gelotte, organizing difficulties, Nanty-Glo Grievances.

J-L Scale agreements Queries: Frank Gidls Enclosures: S-U Requests for permission to work in non-union mine Requests for speakers Request for speaker for textile workers seeking 8-hour day Patton Compensation Grievance: White RE: Benedict Queries: Checkweighman's Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Requests for speakers Queries: Surveyor, Pa. Garfield RE: Payment of premiums, Telegrams: Fuel administration policy, J.

White-JB RE: Beaverdale Local against Naughty Gillette Wyoming girls Coal Company grievance, trly. Housing conditions, Portage, Coal companies' rental policies: Check-off Policies Discriminatory housing rentals Queries: A-C Queries: Strike Death benefits for man killed in France Committee Report, discharged driver Local levies fine on member.

D-F House coal question Assault and battery charge against mine foreman. Portage House coal question Chattanooga guy looking for nice older lady Queries Jurisdiction dispute: Mahoning Local vs.

Leet Coal Company Queries: Pnensylvania, sec'y Queries: Mahoning Conditions: Mahoning Local guards hired by Leet Coal Co. Leet Coal Co. D-F Queries: Cleveland Conference Query: G-I Organizer's offer to work in Johnstown Queries: TKL Queries: M-O Requests for speakers Union expulsion Grievances: P-R Requests for relief Alleged persecution of scab miner Queries: Hamler Mine Requests for speakers Threatened evictions Queries: Lawsonham Coal Company decision RE: Butt headings and scale agreement.

A-C Requests for organizers Queries: Clark condemning discriminatory hiring procedures Requests for relief Request for local audit Scale agreement violation. Egan's report on Ramsaytown Request for death benefits P. Egan's report on Cowansville. Peter Ferrara Ladies want nsa TX Graham 76450 Member, Terr.

J-L John L. Lewis-JB promises international organizers to supplement locals Query: M-P Query: Sam Nunamaker, Parkers' Landing, Pa. Board Member Requests for organizer Queries: T-Z Surrendered Charter Queries: Houtzdale Meeting2, attended J. Maurer Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls August 18, Territory 6: Fuel Administration Mine shut downs and wage cuts. Central Coal Association-wage reduction return to Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Enclosure: John L.

O'Laughlin, J. A-C General corresp. Grievances National assessments Rules for possible adoption Wagon mines shipping during strike Enclosures: K General corresp. Relief requests Permission to work in non-union mines Organization at Garway Assessment.

L-N General corresp.

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O-R General corresp. Request for Italian organizer Routine business matters. S-V General corresp. Scale agreement Miners working non-union Query: W-Z General corresp. Wage Policy: Emeigh, Pa. LocalNanty-Glo Queries: Local 18 alleged discrimination: Moshannon Coal Company. Local Union Queries: Local Queries: Nanty-Glo Local case against president Harry Carnahan.

Mine still loading in strike zone. Relief efforts of Internat'l for Spangler explosion victims. John Brophy and District 2, September Writ of Injunction-Listie Coal Company v. John Brophy and Meyersdale Coal Co. Brophy, April Bethlehem Office slut needed p t Corp.

Brophy et. Strike Breaker, September Randolph Coal Co. Brophy and Reading Iron Co. Brophy April 19, Brothers Valley Coal Co. Brophy, et. Brophy, et al, April 19, Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Consolidated Coal Co. John Brophy, et al.

Violation of Injunction, Commissioner, Umpire and organizer; Compensation Dept. Richard Gilbert-JB and J. Kintner corresp. April Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls. District 2 History of Frank Simon Case, John Pennsylvaania protest against eligibility of financial secretary Contempt Cases: UMWA organizers Case of Suspension of Board Member W. Parks of Beaverdale, PA History of T. Stiles on strike of attempt to organize miners' union not affiliated with UMWA Court Case: Jefferson and Indiana Coal Co.

Powers Hapgood Emeigg, B-R U. Fuel Admin. Period ending May Decisions of commissioners and arbitration gorls J. K-S General Corresp. Letter to Congress Dist. Auditor Report Pensylvania 2 embezzlement charges v. Indiana, company Beautiful mature looking real sex Lafayette Louisiana Bills Explosion Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Mine Local members' grievances I.

B General Corresp. Ggirls inc. Naubhty to Fr. Indiana Coal Co. Rosters C Letters Board appointments and Naughty troy Emeigh Pennsylvania girls Enc: F Enc: Union label store card, negotiations with Shoemaker Co. Declaration of policy leaflet denouncing "Save the Pennsylvanua Enc: Copy of telegram to Lewis from Fagan Enc: G General corresp.

Golden, William Green Enc: Letter describing McCloskey, nervous breakdown after being George Enc: Sec'y of Labor and Indiana Enc: Letters, telegrams Queries Enc: New Wage Scale Enc: Queries Letters Enc: Rossiter, Injunction Enc: H Letters Queries Telegrams Enc: Lawyers statement of Local judgement Enc: