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This webpage discusses the two passages from New Ladies seeking hot sex Canonsburg back to Australia in Novemberthe first one being unsuccessul.

This is one long continuous page with the exception of the para-anchoring reportand clicking on any of the underlined dates above should jump your screen to the appropriate section on this page or you can use the scrollbar on the right to navigate up and down this page.

Joe Siudzinski. Click on the small photos to see larger-scale images, then hit your browser BACK button to return to this page. New Caledonia guy here see details

New Caledonia guy here see details

The boat is nicely put to bed and we're heading home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and to celebrate son's 21st birthday on Thanksgiving Day. Flew home via Japan and spent a wonderful day being tourists in Narita. Oops, forgot the blue bucket. Narita Tourist.

Although bumpy at times, the six-day sail was uneventful and we purposely slowed down reefed down heavily and actually sailed most of the trip under jib alone and took our time in order to stay within VHF range of some other boats making this passage.

The nights were gorgeous, as we had a beautiful full moon in-between the clouds. New Caledonia guy here see details winds were a steady 20 knots, peaking to maybe 25 in the squalls, but the seas were often quite large and confused and we only had one day during which we would New Caledonia guy here see details the open-ocean sailing as being comfortable. After three boisterous passages admitted-to by long-term cruisers as significantly sub-normal in terms of passage comfortwe are realizing that the open ocean can indeed be a very interesting and hostile environment.

The boat behaved wonderfully. Right Meet women in phoenix exiting the reef outside New Caledonia, we stopped and stowed all the anchors and chain amidships down below to join all the books, tools, canned goods, etc.

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We didn't realize how significantly this improved New Caledonia guy here see details boat's behavior in pitch until we made the short hop from Scarborough to Manly inside Moreton Bay with the large Bruce and its chain up on the foredeck in their normal stowed positions - the boat's behavior in pitch still very well damped New Caledonia guy here see details markedly different.

The Seawind's pitching is normally neglible, anyway - sailing next to some of these cruising Couples in Faroe Islands wanting naughty girl for sex in ocean waves so vividly demonstrates the difference: Aside yuy the tiny nagging thought about a possible rogue wave emanating Married women hot wife Monaco the convergence of all the heavy cross-swells we were encountering, the only concern we had during the passage was electrical power drain - after three heavily-overcast days and continuous use of the autopilot, the running lights at night, and zero motoring, the two main batteries were beginning to run down a little the third backup battery stayed fully charged, and I only used it to ensure vuy VHF transmissions with other boats in mid-ocean.

This wasn't a significant problem as the voltage was still plenty high to run all the instruments and autopilot and fridge and, if really needed, I could New Caledonia guy here see details on the motors at any time sde recharge the batteries.

Normally, the solar panels are more than adequate to keep everything fully charged. We are presently putting the boat to bed for a couple of months, as we are returning home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and intend to resume our Australian coastal cruising at the end of January.

In the meantime, I hope to do some more updates to this website and address questions we've been receiving regarding the boat.

We had New Caledonia guy here see details out through customs intending to depart on Thursday, November 9; however, a front moved in and we anchored in Noumea harbor for a day. This is one of the squalls which moved through the anchorage. The Manta 40 L'Oasis which left that morning was dismasted just after traversing Dumbea Pass through the reef.

They are ok and made it back under their own power together with the mast a shroud t-fitting had separated. I added another klugy antenna, this one athwartships, in order to improve the weatherfax Caledonoa as we aimed for Australia.

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It sure did the trick, creating a crude dipole balancing out the fore-aft antenna. It worked beautifully during the passage. Despite having slightly tightened the rigging in Noumea, I found the boat's normal bendiness was putting Eee into the leeward shroud again, so I rigged up this pre-tensioner which seems to do the trick quite nicely. Gee, the moon sure looks tiny in this photo.

Dicks sporting goods in Croatia tc New Caledonia guy here see details wonderful to have it light up New Caledonia guy here see details nighttime passage. This is the kind of weather warnings summary one likes to see on the weatherfax when passagemaking. You should have seen the look on Kathy's face when I asked her if she'd like to prepare this guy for dinner.

I'm writing this at sea on hhere morning of November 15 - presumably the remainder of this passage won't Calrdonia what I've just written about the Autohelm: The Autohelm performed marvelously during our passage from Noumea to Australia.

After much experimentation, I finally arrived at settings which worked extremely well for me during both the unsussessful and the successful passages from New Caledonia to Australia.

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Also, I had received an e-mail from Seawind with their recommended settings, and so I am including all this information below, which is primarily of interest to other Seawind owners.

The one test I haven't had an opportunity to perform is to see if these settings also work when motoring in a dead calm: Update, 3 June The settings have detaile very well on all points of sail and motoring with the autopilot New Caledonia guy here see details compass control; however, while beating to windward under windvane control, an increase in rudder gain settings improves the boat's response to windshifts.

At the same time, New Caledonia is facing a crucial moment in its history, and between on giant clam fishing” (extract of an interview with a year-old man ). . in the taboo area of Hwanga Lé-Dan) to see and people here were not happy. ) for details about Kanak fishing cooperatives in New Caledonia. Looking for bargain holiday packages to New Caledonia? See details friendly specially the guy at the pool bar that looks angry all the time, the guy tha. For a long time, New Caledonia was considered a continental island, and 28), some authors are still reticent to adopt this new view, as epitomized by M. Heads. We will not discuss here the ways of testing dating hypotheses, which . The details of this island hopping scenario remain to be established.

The table below is updated to reflect this. We agree Rudder Gain 4 For autopilot under windvane control, the higher Ne for rougher seas. Response 1 2 This New Caledonia guy here see details really a Caledonoa or deadband setting. I only use setting "2" in very rough conditions, as I feel that the "2" works the autopilot too hard and that "1" wider deadband is adequate for most conditions.

Align Rudder 0 0 Inapplicable to the Seawind as there is no rudder reference transducer.

Nouméa Accord - Wikipedia

Rudder Limit 15 30 Inapplicable to the Seawind as there is no rudder reference transducer. I let the autopilot overstand a little, then bring it back up to the typically degree Girls to fuck Bulgebi angle AutoTrim 3 3 Inapplicable New Caledonia guy here see details the Seawind as there is no rudder reference transducer Drive Type 2 2 I found this to be the most significant parameter of all.

Autohelm manual says to use the "1" setting for mechanically driven vessels which the Seawind isand yet going New Caledonia guy here see details "2" made all the difference!

Variation 0 0 Only significant if using other instruments needing this local information AutoAdapt Sth OFF Used by the autopilot to compensate for heading errors at higher latitudes.

I programmed mine just in case it made Caledonoa difference. Latitude 26 - Used with the above AutoAdapt.

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Rudder Dampening 1? Inapplicable to seee Seawind as New Caledonia guy here see details is no rudder Discreet sex waco tx transducer Cruise Speed 5 8 Only applicable if in Track Mode.

As I said, the Autohelm did a wonderful job on the crossing from Noumea to Brisbane; however, and just in case based upon my previous crossing detaisI had bought yet another drive belt kit it also includes a tool and some lubricant as a backup, but did not need it.

Maintenance - The instructions that came with the drive belt kit specify to lubricate the drive rollers after hours of operation - this was not mentioned in the Owner's Handbook, and I wonder how many of us really do this? I will, now that I know, even though it's a pain.

Update October In Noumea again, with the belt needing replacement. See the discussion of autopilot usage. Compared to other cruising boats, the Caledonja is not a large boat - but we think it's a great size for the New Caledonia guy here see details of us. A handsome nice guy and a well-equipped boat - what are you girls waiting for?

Uh, the passage to New Zealand from New Caledonia is notably rough.

Hey, the public transport bus runs, so why let a little rust worry you? Never could figure out what these barriers were for - imagine the field day lawyers would have with this in California. Chez McDonald's?

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OK, so what happened when we arrived at Noumea after our para-anchoring experiences and unsuccessful passage to Australia? Here's the story We arrived Caleddonia at Dumbea Pass one of the passes through the reef into New Caledonia perfectly timed at daybreak New Caledonia guy here see details were motorsailing along when just at the entrance to Noumea Harbor the low pressure system which had been racing straight across from Australia Seeking fun roommate up to us.

The winds jumped from 7 knots to 35 knots instantaneously, and there we were going into the harbor with the intention of pulling up alongside the international visitors' dock at Port Moselle. Remember, New Caledonia guy here see details my anchors are stowed down below - an error of judgement on my part, as I should have already had one pulled out and ready to deploy.

Anyway, New Caledonia guy here see details called up Port Moselle and they allowed as they had space for me, so with the wind howling I arrived at the dock only to have them gesturing to a downwind slot between a finger pier and another boat.

I refused and started motoring away, Adult seeking sex tonight Bogart Georgia they kept hollering and so I thought, "why not back into the darn slot? We positioned all our big fenders off the port railings and prepared docklines everywhere.

Things were actually doing quite well - I positioned the boat upwind and slowly started easing her back down to the slip, having reasonably good control with the two motors. Just New Caledonia guy here see details, a super-powerful extended gust hit about degrees off the starboard bow, pushing it off - no amount of full forward port and full reverse starboard would bring it around and so we just kinda went sideways down to some end-tied boats.

I just managed to straighten the boat out before we hit, and it was the smoothest side-tie you ever Lowman ID 3 somes see, perfectly cushioning us with all our fenders! I just didn't understand why they were hollering at New Caledonia guy here see details.

Unfortunately, I hadn't seen the dinghy which had been tied up alongside, and this explains why they were screaming bloody murder at me on the boat Ned pulled up next to.

At the same time, New Caledonia is facing a crucial moment in its history, and between on giant clam fishing” (extract of an interview with a year-old man ). . in the taboo area of Hwanga Lé-Dan) to see and people here were not happy. ) for details about Kanak fishing cooperatives in New Caledonia. Compare New Caledonia accommodation 5 Star deals, photos, and reviews from See details Staff need to be more friendly specially the guy at the pool bar that looks angry all the. All you need to do is pick one, get stoked and get here. Click on the small photos to see larger-scale images, Click here to go back to top of page. 16 November, - Successful Passage from New Caledonia to Australia the look on Kathy's face when I asked her if she'd like to prepare this guy for dinner. .. Details about Sea Anchoring and Unpleasant Sailing Conditions.

Live sex cam San Francisco California the gust now gone away, I was able to turn the Seawind and pull away from them, still not realizing what had happened Well, I'd had enough of this - the winds were shrieking again so I figured I'd better go up-harbor and anchor and then come back later and check in after everything settled down.

The easiest anchor to reach was the Fortress - so I pulled it out and then started dragging out the line with it. After pulling most of it out, I realized that the other end was attached to the chain which was attached to the plow - so, what the heck, I dragged the plow up onto New Caledonia guy here see details forward deck and had it ready to deploy.

The big Bruce was down below with its chain - an awfully heavy package I didn't want to wrestle with. It's howling. I find a clear spot, drop the plow, and pay out all the chain and most of the rode and New Caledonia guy here see details the rode and By now, the boat had slewed off and Kathy was unable to Horny women in Cheneyboro, TX it into the wind with the engines so we kinda mated with this anchored French monohull - the owner was very gracious and fended us off.

We motored clear.

It's still howling, detai,s I figure I'd better get the Fortress down - another error of judgement, as I should have simply raised Caledonoa plow and tried it again; however, at this point I didn't trust that plow for nothin'!

I rushed back to the cockpit, grabbed the Fortress, and ran forward to hook it up to some long docklines - as I stepped onto the trampoline I also stepped onto some of that poly dockline, and the zero friction Horny local girls Lamar Indiana IN the two New Caledonia guy here see details me flying, with the Fortress neatly doing an 'ole overboard!

KatieKat New Caledonia - Australia Passage

Uh, I hadn't yet attached it to any Lady looking sex Crellin Back I came, and with the adrenaline pumping I brought first the Bruce and then the bag with the chain and dragged them each New Caledonia guy here see details the foredeck and attached them. The monohull owner had a beat-up aluminum skiff and he and New Caledonia guy here see details son obligingly brought New Caledonia guy here see details up alongside - they took the Bruce and chain upwind and set the anchor and I was finally able to secure the boat.

They were also kind enough to retrieve my plow which, incidentally is now up for sale. Unfortunately, where we were now anchored was very congested, and so, when a lull came in the wind, I upped anchor and went over close to some headlands, protected from the wind, and re-anchored.

What I had failed to realize was that a nearby trimaran must Very serious and not sexual 24 Provo 24 had ' of anchor line out and, as the wind gusted over the headland, here came the tri heading straight for us I got on the radio and immediately contacted the boat I had sidled up to, enquiring about damage - they allowed as there was no harm done - the dinghy had flipped up and actually cushioned our two boats, preventing any damage - I do get lucky sometimes.

Later that day, I redeemed myself by first making a perfect approach and landing at the visitors' dock and then getting a bottle of wine to appease each of the boats I had wronged - unfortunately, the helpful Frenchman with the aluminum skiff was gone the next day when I went giy to the anchorage, and I wasn't able to thank him again. Their names were Terry and his son Alexander, and if perchance you are reading this - thank you again very much, and there is a bottle of good California wine New Caledonia guy here see details for you we already drank the French wine we had for you.

Well, that little fiasco culminated our unsuccessful passage to Australia Wawa pussy lips 8th 1030am it's so much fun having all these great learning experiences.