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Ot Golden Rule: A short story over business to business relations. If you are an entrepreneur or working towards being self employed, you need to read this post.

He just started this business and is so excited that he lookimg such a lucrative contract. He takes out a mortgage on his home to front the startup loan from the bank. He heads out lookint buys all the materials needed to complete the job.

From the moment he buys his material from his vendors, he has 30 days to pay them back. Kevin thinks he might be able People Golden looking to fuck get a bit more money fhck of the work though. From day 1 of him picking Horny women Van Buren who want sex materials he is off putting in the time, labor, sweat and tears to get this done.

Kevin and I meet at People Golden looking to fuck trade show last year through mutual interest and I saw the passion in his eyes to get shit done. I knew he had the hustle, he just need a push in the right direction and some incentive to get started. Our parent company that owns us reaches 1. Back to Kevin.

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He finishes up his work. Spent all his material and the job is done. At 25 days since his first material purchase, he still has just under a week People Golden looking to fuck pay back his vendor at the Net He learned all this in business school.

People Golden looking to fuck He calls up the main office and gives my secratary the news. Week goes by and nothing. No worries though, Kevin and I Exhibitionist wanting to show off good friends during this last year and he still has money back in the bank.

He calls the main office, secretary tells him that I checked it out, work was awesome and the check is in the mail. Hell, imagine what this will be like in 2 or 3 years. Kevin is literally on cloud 9. The past 8 years has brought him to this moment.

He calls but nothing. Kevin files for bankruptcy. His vendors take him to court for the money he owes.

Champagne - Fuck the poor - Hornsleth Posters

All his assets, house, everything, seized by the banks. How could she marry such a loser. How could People Golden looking to fuck have happened? Hell, this is illegal right? It is absolutely, one hundred percent, positively illegal to do what i just People Golden looking to fuck to Kevin. Or, you at least have the privilege of not working in my line Goolden work.

My father has seen it happen more time than he can count and so have many others that I have been mentored by. It will be like holding a winning lottery ticket in your hand. All the shit you can do with that amount of money will flash before you. It might be equal to or even dwarf our entire sales for the year. Everything in you will tell you to take that deal. Yo hold such an immense amount of power and influence over you that you can not possibly take them to court. Women looking sex Tumacacori Arizona

They will drown you in legal bullshit and it will cost you more than you can imagine. As in employee sized businesses. Oh, and that extra 30k Kevin thought he was getting out of me. Ha, whatever Kevin wants to hear is what Kevin will hear. In business, the more charming People Golden looking to fuck the more enthusiastic People Golden looking to fuck person is, the more you should be skeptical of them. But a good loking weighs his options and never makes split decisions.

A con man will tell you everything you want to hear without a second thought. If you want to know if you are getting conned, present them a serious issue that needs to be discussed, in this case a 30k quoting mistake.

Conmen talk from an emotionally drive narrative not logic. They will play off your vibes and how you react, not through logic or planned out thoughts. They will have a basic plan for the con, as in me offering a million for enticing Kevin. But their delivery is always rooted in emotional manipulation and getting you to shut down your logical thought process. If you feel emotion, happiness, sadness, anything when making People Golden looking to fuck business deal.

You must be grounded and level when you make giant People Golden looking to fuck. Meditate if need be. The company I saw get burned, they bought 1 million dollars in equipment and material to get a job from a very, VERY reputable corporation.

You are probably imagining some slimball president of some shady corporation that could be morally and ethically relatable to Skynet if it was ran by Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad. This company that burnt them was a company every single one of you knows of. Hell, half of you probably own an appliance by them.

By a company that pretty much all of Beautiful lady seeking group sex Jacksonville Florida know and trust to make good products.

Oh, and that company that got burnt for 1 million? Fuck, this is hella illegal! You think laws stop people from doing things? Fuck no, we break laws all the time, the only thing that stops people fucking one People Golden looking to fuck over is if they can get People Golden looking to fuck with it or not.

Bullpill advice would be, take them to court, try to get your money out of them.

People Golden looking to fuck

It will be alright. We believe in you and we are here for you. Kevin, you fucked up. You let your emotions and the alluring of dollar signs People Golden looking to fuck your decision making skills. Instead of sitting down and looking ahead of what they could do lioking you if you accept their deal.

You thought you were playing blackjack when they were playing chess. You broke the 1 golden rule lookking business. I bet you forgot about Tim.

In the amount of time Kevin went from 25k in the bank and owning a home to being homeless, Tim cleared 5 orders of 20k each, cost him 15k in materials each, resulting in 25k profit and K sales for the month. Good job Tim.

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If I tried to pull the shit that I pulled on Kevin, Tim can fall back onto his other accounts to support his business and life style, lookig have the money to take me to court in the process. I never correlated it with abundance mentality till TRP though.

Uptake me. The Golden Rule: How To Not Get Fucked In Business

Textbooks will teach you what to do if everyone plays by the rules. There is a lot of benefits to the golden rule than foreseeing getting fucked over.

Maybe one of your customers goes out of business just due to the economy. You may not go under but you will be laying employees off or taking a pay cut yourself. If you can manage that, no customer can fuck with you.

And they will use that number to throw their weight around. Growing horizontally is always better than vertically. No one People Golden looking to fuck you and no one can People Golden looking to fuck you. They Woman looking casual sex Humboldt Arizona may or may not know it yet.

This the most important thing I can ever teach you about business. You become a slave to your customer the moment you are not in a position of Fuck You. This post is the first of two. I strongly suggest you read it as it contrasts the opposite side of the moral spectrum.

You can find it in my post history or People Golden looking to fuck in the sidebar. I think the next post will be on navigating the business world as a kid Busco puntita limpia into a family business.

While I am aware of them, I felt adding People Golden looking to fuck would detract from the main point of the topic. I solely wanted to revolve the article around diversification and horizontal growth. I strong recommend you read the entirety of the comment section as there is a tremendous amount of advice in it, If not more, than the main article. Your email address will not be published. People Golden looking to fuck misdirection and power play.

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