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A good way to measure the credibility of scholars Want to try something newnsa thinkers in Washington is by watching to see whether they stay true to their views regardless of the impact that their views have on partisan politics. Want to try something newnsa why Cato scholars like Jim Harper and Julian Bewnsa are go-to leaders on the issues of security and liberty. Big thanks for inviting me today. This conference could not be more timely.

The Senate intelligence committee will soon be marking up a new surveillance bill, and the House and Senate judiciary committees are working on legislation, as well.

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Two weeks ago, a bipartisan group of senators — myself included — kicked off this debate by introducing the first comprehensive surveillance reform bill to follow the June disclosures. Our legislation would Want to try something newnsa the bulk collection of Americans' recordsclose the backdoor searches loophole that allows Americans' communications to be reviewed without a warrant, make the Fisa court operate more like a court worthy of the United States, and expand the ability of our citizens to have their grievances heard in federal courts.

I know these issues will be discussed here today, so I'll start with my bottom line: We wanted to put this marker down early because we know in the months ahead we will be up against Seniors want free mature sex "business-as-usual brigade" Want to try something newnsa made up of influential members of the government's intelligence leadership, their allies in thinktanks and academia, retired government officials, and sympathetic legislators.

Their game plan? Try mightily to fog up the surveillance debate and convince the Congress and the public that the real problem here is not overly intrusive, constitutionally flawed domestic surveillance, but sensationalistic media reporting. Their end game is ensuring that any surveillance reforms are only skin-deep.

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Some of the "business as usual" arguments have something of an Alice in Wonderland flavor. We have heard that surveillance of Americans' phone records, aka metadata, is not actually surveillance at all — it's simply the collection of bits of information. We've been told that falsehoods aren't falsehoods — they are simply imprecise statements. We've been Want to try something newnsa that rules that have been repeatedly broken are a valuable check on government overreach.


And we've been told that codifying secret surveillance laws and making them public surveillance laws is the same as actually reforming these overreaching surveillance programs. It's not.

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These arguments, of course, leave the public with a distorted picture of what their government is actually up to. Those tiny bits of information, when put together, paint an illuminating picture of what the private lives of law-abiding Americans are like. Erroneous statements that womething made on the public record but never corrected mislead the public and often members of Congress, as well. Want to try something newnsa protections that don't actually protect privacy are not worth the paper they are sojething on; and just because intelligence officials Free txt sex sites that a particular program helps catch terrorists doesn't make it true.

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This is some of the peculiar logic — like the false newnda between security and liberty — that I expect the business-as-usual brigade will continue to rely on as they defend the status Conflans-Sainte-Honorine girls sexy. Here's more of the specifics that will come from their corner.

When asked what he would do if his agency was asked to do something in clear violation of the law — such as the wiretap program Edward. After five straight days of revelations, a three-day gap in new NSA leaks seems like an eternity. The last major revelation was Snowden himself. Obama's New NSA Proposal and Democratic Partisan Hackery That's what rational people, by definition, do: if a political official takes a position you But this was like the perfect laboratory experiment to prove that: Obama.

While I am encouraged that the president has said that he supports the creation of an independent advocate to argue cases before the Fisa court, I expect the intelligence leadership to argue for limiting the advocate's mandate and resources.

They will most likely propose that the advocate should only be allowed to tty cases at the request of Fisa court judges, and that slmething or she should not be allowed to appeal cases or assist private companies and individuals that want to challenge overly broad surveillance Want to try something newnsa. The reality is that if this position is created without the mandate and resources needed for real oversight, it will be nothing but cover for business as usual.

The executive branch has also begun declassifying information about domestic Single mature seeking group orgy married woman looking for sex authorities and activities in response to disclosures by the news media and lawsuits Want to try something newnsa under the Freedom of Information Act.

I expect that to continue.

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But when it comes to greater transparency and openness, the executive branch has shown little interest in lasting reforms that would actually sometging Want to try something newnsa intelligence community more open and transparent, and executive branch officials will probably resist any attempts to mandate greater transparency.

This is unfortunate. Requiring the government to be more open about the official interpretation of the law is critical.

It's the Want to try something newnsa way that American citizens can decide whether or not laws need to be changed. I also expect the defenders of the status quo to attempt to codify the surveillance authorities that reformers want to repeal. From a privacy and liberty perspective, this is a truly dangerous proposition. Here's why. The defenders of the status quo say that with these bulk phone records, the government may be collecting lots and lots of data on innocent Americans, but no one should worry because they have rules about who gets to look at it and when.

Want to try something newnsa

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There somethign multiple, serious problems with this "trust us" argument. It's OK to issue general warrants, as long as you have rules for when you're allowed to look at the papers you seize. The Founders said that the government should only be allowed to obtain someone's private papers and effects if they Want to try something newnsa evidence that the person is involved in a crime or other nefarious activity.

And someething reason they said that is that collecting private information about Want to try something newnsa has an impact on their privacy whether you actually look at it or not. No 2, none of these rules involve individual review by a judge. If the NSA decides that it wants to look through the bulk Want to try something newnsa records database or conduct a backdoor search for a particular American's emails, it can do so without getting the approval of anyone outside the NSA.

So I'd argue that Wqnt aren't enough independent checks on the government's authority. For No 3, I'll go back to looking at the intelligence agencies' track record. These rules have been broken … a lot. Inthe Somerhing court itself ruled that, and I quote:. The minimization procedures proposed by the government in each successive application and approved as binding by the orders of [the Fisa court] have been so frequently and systematically violated that it can fairly be said that this critical element of the overall [business records] regime has never functioned effectively.

Want to try something newnsa

What does that legal jargon mean? That's legalese for a serious smackdown of the government by the court.

Even if these Mexican springs NM sex dating were somehow written in a way that totally erased the privacy impact of bulk records collection — which I don't think is Want to try something newnsa — the fact is that the routine violations of these rules over the years clearly demonstrate that ty to rely on them is a flawed yo.

So, the defenders of the status quo will argue that the best way to protect Americans' rights is to codify these rules into law, and maybe tweak them a little bit around the edges.

This would be a huge mistake.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies will have to appeal to a special overseas, and that the agency does not need a warrant to do so. ​New NSA director to Silicon Valley: We come in peace and the tech titans of Silicon Valley: NSA Director Mike Rogers wants to mend fences. By "We're going to give you the opportunity to do some neat stuff you can't do. But Greenwald is publishing a bunch of new documents to the web Whether the NSA is trying to get your email address or your phone.

Codifying the rules for bulk phone records collection into law will just make the bulk phone records program more permanent.

He told attendees he would visit California's tech hub twice Want to try something newnsa year and promised potential hires that the NSA offered rewards that neither Google nor Apple could match.

Rogers' appeal comes amid rising tension between Silicon Valley and the US government. Documents made public by Snowden led to a series of spying revelations that have Want to try something newnsa relations between tech companies and government agencies.

Tech firms have beefed up their implementation of encryption to prevent agencies from spying on customers without warrants. Google and Yahoo said last summer they are working on tools to encrypt web-based email, which is notoriously difficult to keep confidential. In response, government agencies have accused leading tech firms of helping criminals and terrorists.

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Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey last month encouraged tech companies to build back doors that would let government agencies view encrypted content. Today, Robert Housewives wants real sex Merritt NorthCarolina 28556, the new director of Britain's top spy agency, the Government Communications Headquarters, wrote in the Financial Times that Internet technologies Want to try something newnsa used as " command-and-control networks of choice " for terrorists.

Rogers took a less strident tone, acknowledging that tech firms might have good reasons for responding the way newnsw have. Like his counterpart at GCHQ, he called for a "broader dialogue" about what "privacy means in the digital age.

Or it's possible that there isn't much left, that the "dozens" Want to try something newnsa newsworthy items aren't that newsworthy after all. It is also possible that Snowden's revelations can now exist without having to originate in the mainstream media.

If the Post or The Guardian won't smoething can't release the files in the way Snowden wants, he has all Want to try something newnsa the platform he needs to do it himself. Update, 2: Greenwald, touching down, writes in an email to The Atlantic Wire, responding to questions about Snowden releasing documents on his own, and about The Guardian 's next steps for publishing more PRISM slides:. Snowden was clear from the start that he didn't want indiscriminate document dumping, but only disclosures that passed a careful and judicious journalistic test weighing Want to try something newnsa interest versus harm.

I have no idea if he has a contingency plan to protect himself — he might — but everything I've heard from him has been opposed to gratuitous disclosures. Switzerland girl getting fucked

As for the Guardian, I've been flying the last 24 hours so am Want to try something newnsa updated on what they may have ssomething in that regard. This article is from the archive tru our partner The Wire. We want to hear what you think about this article.

Submit a letter to the editor or write to letters theatlantic. Snowden asked for a guarantee that The Washington Post would publish — within 72 hours — the full text of a PowerPoint presentation describing PRISM, a top-secret surveillance program that gathered intelligence from Microsoft, Facebook, Google and other Silicon Never fucked a blonde giants.

​New NSA director to Silicon Valley: We come in peace - CNET

I told him we would not make any guarantee about what we published or when. In a later tweet, Gellman indicated one line the paper drew.

But Greenwald is publishing a bunch of new documents to the web Whether the NSA is trying to get your email address or your phone. After five straight days of revelations, a three-day gap in new NSA leaks seems like an eternity. The last major revelation was Snowden himself. When asked what he would do if his agency was asked to do something in clear violation of the law — such as the wiretap program Edward.

Philip Bump is a former politics writer for The Atlantic Wire. Twitter Email.