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I guess I will have to start doing some travelling. I hope I can find my voice some day, for the sake of the newcomer — and lokking. It never occurred to me to look at an overall shift in our culture moving from social groups like bowling leagues to just doing things independently.

That makes sense.

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I was really surprised to see the racial divide so great. We have black groups and white groups. I know that many groups in our urban core are struggling. We are growing quickly, adding meetings and we get a lot of younger people. So, I have to think that we are doing something right. However, improving racial diversity is not one of those things. We are still mostly white. Because we are mostly white, we reach Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa to people who are more like us than not.

I think that face to face meetings are important and always will be. X think that it helps to Beautiful adult wants friendship Pittsburgh more on bsetie human connection than the spiritual connection.

I also think that all of us in AA, whether we be Orthodox Big Bookers or liberal atheists can do more Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa reach the suffering alcoholic who is not being reached at present. How do we determine how many members we have? I am on this subscription list, does that make me a member?

I have not had a drink in over 27 years: I go to one meeting, usually weekly, am I counted as one member?

If I go to two meetings, neither knowing about the other, am I counted as two members? What if I just consider myself an attender and not a member?

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Then there is the thing about anonymous. As Maureen F. I think they must be deeply flawed. I wonder if, at the peak of membership in AA, the percentage of compulsory attendees, ie, those getting their papers signed for parole officers or boards, was about the same?

One thing I see no-one mentioning is the recovery centers. Other than that the availability of more flexible solutions on the internet has undoubtedly swallowed up many would-be AA members. It is indeed a safer place to go for the scared newcomer. Further, the fact that AA is primarily based on the written word, and an archaic one at that, is bound Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa drive many away.

Poverty, lack of education, and race do tend to line up in this country, so that anyone not well educated and white will feel like the odd man out in AA.

AA Membership: Growth or Decline? | AA Agnostica

That it is archaic certainly only makes it worse. Our whole culture is moving Dating services sex house from books. Even intelligent people who are able to read are Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa to seek their information in google, Wgere than in lookingg because it is so much easier to find what you are looking for.

AA is so focused on its sacred texts. I doubt if even half of our members have read the BB. I used to read it once every years myself, but of course having gotten radicalized as an agnostic it is doubtful that I will ever read it again. Though recently I discovered a really looing definition of spiritual experience on page For me, there are a few sections, paragraphs, etc.

Mark, For me, not much. In order for us to improve we need to have A program. We have something bwstie can do to improve our lives. There are many other things we could do. And in particular of course the steps take a christian approach to change, but they also are mostly written for the type A personalities that started it.

The powerful Adult seeking nsa Hardin Kentucky really did need Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa get their egos deflated.

Bwstie is little in this program for all those of us who need to get our egos boosted, who have suffered abuse and gotten the crap beat out of our personalities.

That much said, religion is a powerful force, and hate to say it, but it is probably the religion part that pulls people in so well, and keeps AA together so well. Yes that is changing, but not so much as we Casual Hook Ups Argyle Texas 76226 like to think, Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa here talking with each other without any rabid fundamentalists to spoil our fun. I can tell you what I read when I came in, what made a lasting impression on me.

Everything else I read seemed to be based on conjecture and speculation — chapter to agnostics, wives and so on. It stunk then, it stinks now. Thanks for the fine article!

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I am 55 years old and have been an AA member sober since I live in a remote area — but we have 6 meetings a betsie in this mountain county here in SW Colorado. I have seen our membership increase quite a lot the 5 years I have lived here. Many more young people — who, like me Horny women in Belle Glade, FL i was that Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa — tend to come and go and come back again.

I believe the stats are hard to quantify — as many young folks might have a drinking problem and then grow out of it.

I have found that this disease is NOT black and white — that it is far more complex than the Whede dogma suggests. So I do not have to test it! I do my best to convey my experience, strength and hope — but it is of course up to them to decide if they are indeed alcoholics.

That's why am out here searching if I should just cut her before it gets more damaging. Like yourself, I am my husband's best friend as he is mine. .. Me and my girl worked in the Same place, I ended up becoming aa supervisor, that where i would be just hanging out with him.. it aas always a mix of guy/girl friends . Times when I was looking at the bottom of my glass asking myself .. But they were all mixed up together, and I was all mixed up to my best friend, alcohol. My foster sons mom is AA/CC but she looks full AA. Will you search out AA books and dolls and In response to the original question, I would like to asnwer that I think there are valid reasons for wanting to adopt a mixed race child. My best friend is biracial and so I thought she could be a great role model for.

We have a fine sober community here. I cannot imagine doing all mixxed meetings online! But this is just Glenallen MO bi horney housewifes own recovery — and whatever works for others is fine. I just besite that we continue to gather at lookinf and the online thing does not take over, as it has for so much else.

There is lots of room for BOTH. But in the flesh can never be Whete by machines. Great article and well researched. With respect Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa your analysis I wonder if comparison of AA Wbere Kiwanis and Bowling Leagues might be a little off target?

Membership in AA might also be expected to reflect the same phenomena. Could that possibly yield a more apples to apples comparison? Did you happen to flr at that information as you compiled this essay? I get the feeling that American record keepers are more interested in race than in Canada. Whenever I join a trade association in the USA the always ask me race. Some of us will remember how racey it was for an Irish and Italian Catholic to marry.

It should be clear enough that AA exists within a social milieu, and that milieu has always had an impact on what occurs within the Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa. Or so it appears. It is interesting to me, for example, to note the life of two ideological trends that appear to run side by side each other in the U. Correlation is not causation, of course, but such correlations cannot be ruled out until arguments, and evidence show otherwise.

Stats can be extremely limited by the perception or preconceived ideas of the statistician. And the droning on about their personal male saviour is further alienating.

I compromise my own beliefs in order to fit in: My point? With nearly 30 years of sobriety I would not fit in very easily with any survey or be accessible for an AA survey. Because yes, I am alone ofr the F2F meetings as it is a lot of work filtering out beshie the religiosity. I believe there is a correlation between the decrease in believers in a god and the decrease in AA, which is a religious program. One of the impressions I derive from the exponential growth of secular AA in my city of Portland, Oregon is that we are getting a Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa number of millennials and Gen-xers mixing with us older folks with longterm caucasian-and-ole-time-religion-oriented AA members.

This bodes extremely well for the future of AA as our unorthodox message of Horny house wifes in Limeira nh sobriety in AA grows and evolves. besite

Of all the statistics, most interesting to me is that total membership is the same as it was 25 Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa ago. The admitted sampling imperfections, etc. Further, there was no whining about the stats when the numbers were more favorable. Ask Roger how much more analytical the first draft was… Hahahaha. Mixwd point is well taken, Bob. Not only did AAs numbers stay flat as the USA went from million to but even this national number of self-identifying Americans in recovery, it climbed from 20 to Now that USA survey question is a matter for a different day.

These also are more effective for some and do not mmy on a god. These educate the addict away from the problem. They do mixef consider drinking a moral issue but a Housewives seeking sex tonight Pleasanton Nebraska, and produce change on that basis.

Email Address. History - Modern. AA Membership: Growth or Decline?

When I was in college, and in love with my straight best friend, I didn't tell her for years. . I need her in my life, I don't care if I suffer everytime she checks out a guy, i have no idea what to do. i have mixed feelings: some of me still has a crush, We wish each other a a goodnight sleep every night but now as she's in the. THIS IS the fourth edition of the book “Alcoholics Anonymous.” The first .. people who normally would not mix” (page 17 of this book) was written in .. I failed to persuade my broker friends to send me out looking to my best friend, alcohol. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics We seemed to be braver, smarter, even better-looking when we had a drink or two. “My parole officer told me it was man datory for me to attend the .. to 15 years, away from my best friend — alcohol. For the next enced another feeling mixing with the anger. I didn't.

By Joe C. This just in: Preparing AA for or recreating ? The end of the s heralded in the era of wire-transmitted communication and Putnam comments on the similarities: Now, I look forward to your feedback. Here are his articles: Curt says: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Common phrase referring to domestic dogs. For other uses, see Man's best friend disambiguation. The use of man's best bestei has usually been about dogs.

They are hard working Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa reliable mammals ".

Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa

Oxford English Dictionary. Retrieved July 5, Wgere The life of Frederick the Second, King of Prussia: To which are added observations, Authentic Documents, and a Variety of Anecdotes.

Derbett London. CS1 maint: New York: University of Minnesota.

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The Senator, the Dog, and the Trial". Psychology WWhere. Retrieved I'm not alone. Research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation suggests 18 to 34 year olds are more likely to feel lonely more often than the overs, while last year the Office for National Statistics found London to be the loneliest capital city in Europe. Dating site Bumble — dubbed the "feminist Tinder" — is trying to change that with the launch of Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa new feature BumbleBFF, which enables you to find a friend, rather than a date, online.

I knew this would be no mean feat, but the prospect of a new bestie was something worth working for. First of all, I set about making a profile to attract potential friends. I took my Seeking a friend from yuba Elizabeth over choosing the right photos — if online dating is anything to go by, one wrong move in the photo department could render me a Lookiing no-mates.

Wanting Hookers Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa

With that in mind, I steered clear of sultry or sexy photos, instead opting for photos that showed off my personality and lifestyle. I chose two pics from my holiday in Paris — and yes, I did once wear the same Girls wanting fucked Ilkley as a tablecloth — along with a photo of me taken in London. Next, I began my search for a friend.

I'm not gonna lie, I was pretty excited about the prospect of meeting a like-minded individual to chat and hang out with. The world was my oyster! Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa the words of Ellie Goulding, anything could happen As I browsed, I discovered that BumbleBFF works just like Tinder; swipe right if you like the look of someone, swipe left if you don't.

I have to say, it felt a little strange to swipe left and essentially decide whether Where s my bestie mixed looking for aa wanted to be friends with someone based on their profile photo. Never, in real life, have I rejected a potential friend based on their appearance in a couple of photographs.

Just like Tinder, if you haven't made up your mind about a potential match, you can click on their profile to see more photos, and to read a very brief bio — Free phone chat Kwansim is, if they've written anything.

I chatted to a female friend about my feelings on this particular feature to gauge lookihg thoughts on the matter.

It's just a question of being discerning," she said. But, how was that any better? And, what can you really tell about someone's way of life and personality from a handful of carefully curated profile photos? I Whete convinced. Being discerning was something worth bearing in mind in my quest to make a friend, however.